Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mueller 4th of July Party!

Today was our annual Mueller 4th of July Party! We look forward to going every year.  My Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry have the world's most awesome home and yard and really put on a great party.  This year they rented 4 bouncy houses! 
They have a playhouse that has been there for years!  My cousins and I used to play in it all the time when we were little.  Now our kids do that.  And it still looks and smells exactly as I remember.  
Gracie's cousin Addie was there.  I mean, isn't this the cutest little playhouse you ever saw?  I need my dad to make my girls one.
After playing in the playhouse, it was time to go on the big slide bouncy.

Then it was back to the obstacle bouncy.  It was set up between the bags and horsehoes tournaments.
Every year too there is always a big shuffleboard tournament complete with trophies for the winners.
And of course....more bouncies!

And more playhouse fun.
Evie made a new friend with cousin Caitlyn.  She was born the day before them.

It was pretty warm out there today so we chilled in my uncle's fabulous basement too.  We listened to some jams on the jukebox.
We played a little pool.  And behind that you can see the bowling game and the pinball machine.

After some more snacks, it was time to set up our chairs for the annual fireworks show.  My cousins and my uncle put on a wonderful fireworks display every year too complete with patriotic music.
And we ended the night by doing some sparklers.

We had so much fun and it wouldn't be summer without coming to the Mueller 4th of July party!  Thanks for another great party Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Guess Who Got Her Ears Pierced?

I know I am a little behind but a couple of weeks ago Miss Gracie decided that she was ready to get her ears pierced!
We went to Claire's at the mall.  I told her that I was 7 when I got my ears pierced so if she wanted to do it as part of her birthday present, then she could.  She decided that she wanted to do that.
She was excited to pick out her starter earrings.  The lady put the purple dots on her ears to show where they would go.

They had to do one ear at a time but she didn't cry!  She freaked out a little bit but that's it.
And within seconds....wall-a!  Hello Kitty earrings!
Of course we had to pick out some more earrings for when she can change them.   We got our ear piercing kit and she has been really good about cleaning her ears 3 times a day so that they don't get infected.  She is so proud of herself.  I asked her if she felt more cooler or grown-up. She said "Nope.  I just feel like myself."
My big girl!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach Bums!

Today my friend Jill invited us to her beach club. My kids were super excited! Presley told me that he was only going to play in the sand but as soon as we got there, he put on his floaties and off he went.
My kids do love the water and I think swim lessons have paid off a little bit. They are definately more comfortable in the water.
This dude has improved the most. He went from crying last year to jumping in this year.
This girl was all about swimming on her own.
Evie did pretty good too. She was practicing her floats.
There was a little water slide.  Gracie went down it about a dozen times.

At break the kids were playing in the sand.

Becky came too!

Then they had to bury Gracie.

We were there all day and my kids did not want to leave.  

Is this not a cute picture of my toweled hoodlums?
Thanks Jill!  We had fun!  Can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Summer Zoo Trip!

We put our zoo membership to good use today....we took our first trip to the zoo this summer! We didn't go alone though.  We brought our buddies Jackson and Baby Benny and a zoo newbie...Baby Colton!
No zoo trip is ever complete without a kangaroo pouch picture!  I have many of these over the years.
We found the giraffes, one of Grace's favs.
Actually everyone loves the giraffes.  They are pretty cool.
We also had to check out the bison.  We even saw the new baby bison.

All of us mommies including a photo bomb with kids.  
We saw lions and tigers and bears...oh my!  Although the lions and tigers were busy napping but the bears were up and about.

I really can't believe just how big polar bears are!  My little Evie Beanie!
We were hoping to see one of the bears cool off in the water but it looks like they had already gone swimming.
We helped save the bears by putting money in the coin-rolley thing.
We did see this polar bear chilling in the water.
After that, it was time for fish!  
We had fun watching the leopard sharks and this eel.

The sea horses were pretty neat too.
We love waiting for the water to come.
We had fun watching the penguins toodle around.
We visited the family zoo and had some fun painting our faces.
But Presley and Colton were too cool to do that.  They decided to play in the log instead.
The girls painted their own faces.  Gracie did a really great job of drawing herself as a cat.
We also had tons of fun playing in the animal hospital and checking out some patients.

We got to see the dolphins while they were doing their show.
I think one of Colton's favorite animals was the dolphins too.  Look at him trying to see standing on his little cute!
And we had to make one last stop at the carousel.  Bub rode the gorilla.
Evie rode the panda.
Colton's first ride was on the hippo.
Gracie rode the dolphin.
I think our first trip this summer went well.  The kids were good and even though it was hot, we still had fun.  Espeically Evie when she got to share her wagon with Baby Colton.