Sunday, March 29, 2009

Highland Fun!

For those of you that read this, you know I have not been keeping up with this blog lately. Partly because one, I don't have time, life is pretty darn busy when you work full time, have a toddler, and your husband is hardly home, and second, because I am pregnant again and I can barely stay up to Gracei's bedtime these days. Anyways, we journeyed down to Highland last weekend. We were planning to go anyways because we always get our taxes done down there and it just so happens that we also went to share some good news! Last Saturday, Chuck went out golfing with his dad so Gracie and I got invited over to Chuck's cousin, Derek and Jill's house. They have a two year old named Sydney and she is a little darling. Gracie was shy to begin with but Sydney was sharing her toys and showing her around. We had fun. Sydney's friend Kaylee (not sure of spelling) came over too. The girls had lunch and apparently yogurt was the big hit. We also played outside because it was nice out unlike this past weekend, snow? Yuck! Gracie was more interested in going down the slide, her favorite playground equipment, while the other girls played in the sandbox. It was so fun to be outside and it was so fun to get together. I'm hoping that this summer, Gracie can have more playdates. Thanks Jill for inviting us. We had a good time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, it's been a week of shock for the Weiss family. I found out last week that I am pregnant! While it was not planned, it is a wondeful surprise. When Aunt Flo never arrived, I started thinking hmm.....Well, as you can go back to my blogs and read when we thought Chuck had a promotion....well, he got a different kind of promotion now! We are excited though of course. We were telling Gracie how she is going to be a big sister and so I ordered her a shirt with a little cupcake on it that says "this little sweetie is going to be a big sister." We had her wear it at my parents one night to tell them the news. They were pretty surprised but excited as well. Auntie Amy already helped pick out a Christmas stocking! This past weekend, we went to Highland and surprised Chuck's fam with the news too. Again, we had Gracie wear her shirt but she wore it for almost half and hour before Uncle Corndog finally came and read the shirt to everybody. Now we still are in the early stages and so far I feel good. Pretty tired but then again I usually am. I go to the docs in a couple of weeks for the first ultrasound so I'll be sure to post pictures. Now we really need to figure out some stuff like where are we going to put the baby? I am not due until November so we have some time. So that's the update. Chuck and I are going to be parents, again! And since, this baby was a surprise, we will let the sex be a surprise too. So, yay, surprise everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're back and So is Spring! (hopefully)

Thank you to all who left messages about this blog. I appreciate you reading this. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I hope I can get back on track. I do enjoy it and am using this as a base to write a book. Anyways, it finally is starting to feel like spring. Yippee!! I actually could leave my house just wearing my sweatshirt! Anyways, to mine and Gracie's surprise, we found a playland in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard today! Apparently this was bought just after Christmas by Gracie's daddy at, where else but Menards (who I still despise in case you are wondering) and I guess it's an early birthday present for Gracie Girl! Let me just say that she LOVES it. It has a slide which is her favorite playground equipment, 2 swings that can be interchangeble with other things and a little fort/playhouse underneath the slide. It even has a little door! Too cute! She struggles a little to climb the slide and that's because it's pretty tall. She can slide down all by herself and we catch her at the bottom. Then she likes to walk up the slide rather than climb the ladder again. She also knows how to hold on to the ropes of the swings but I am not willing to let her sail solo yet. I can see the hours of fun ahead of us with this one. She also has a picnic table and seesaw ready to go as well! And then Grandma even told me there is a water/sand table that still has yet to be put together. Wowza! You know, Santa's Village was always a favorite when we were little. I think the park just moved to my parents house on Clark Street!

Monday, March 9, 2009

100th Post!

Yeah! I made it to the 100th post! I"m not sure if I am going to continue with this since I have no followers and actually aren't sure who even reads this thing besides my mom. If you enjoy reading this, shoot me a line and let me know. Lately all you have heard is my complaining and have probably come to the conclusion that I have issues. So even though I still have a mouthful to say, I am too tired from another exciting Monday that all I really want to say in my 100th, and possibly final post, is that I have the most beautiful daughter in the world. Look at her! Meet Miss America 2025!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work Sucks!

So ignore what I posted yesterday. Apparently Chuck's boss is a big ball of crap and there will be no promotion. I hate his boss. I hate Menards. No one shop there anymore. Our finacial situation was actually going to be looking up but I guess that was too good to be true. Goodbye middle class. Hello poor house! (and we do live in what feels like the projects). That's all I have to say today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daddy Loves Menards!

For those of you that don't know, my husband, Chuck works for the Menards chain. Well today he got some pretty big new; he got a promotion! He had interviewed last week and wasn't sure because the headquarters dudes were giving him the run around. You know how those business men are. Anyways, turns out he will be making more money and he only has to move to the Joliet store to get it! Currently he works at Crest Hill. The store is still fairly close to home which is a plus. He will be working with his old boss who he loves too. He is super excited and I am proud of him. The thing with working in retail, is that they sometimes want you to relocate. And be relocating, I mean out of state. They offered him a promo in Indiana but he turned it down. He has turned down other out-of-state promos as well. Who can affort to move with this economy? Unless Menards plans to buy our house, we are staying put. Plus I really don't see us moving out of state anyways. Why would we do that? He had maade several moves though with the company and they should be thankful for that. He started his career with Menards down in Champaign right after college. Then he got to move up here to Naperville. After that, he moved to Glendale Heights and then Homer Glen before moving to Crest Hill. He is a supe-hard worker and was actually just rated number 1 front end manager in ALL of the Menards! He kicks butt! So this will be great too. Now it will be an adjustment because his hours will be a little more than what we are used to plus his whole schedule will change too. I have always hated his schedule so that's nothing new. Is this promotion enough for me to quit my job? Not just yet but maybe we are making progress. At least I won't have to teach summer school now! We'll get used to it and having the extra money will surely come in handy! Congrats Chuck!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Somtimes you just have to be Crazy!

Gracie certainly is my pride and joy and even though I can't be the mom I want to be for her, she reminds me that' s ok to be funny and crazy once in awhile. As you have heard many a times before, I see my little girl for only a few short hours a day and since I am tired and crabby from my day because I deal with punks who shall rename nameless, I am sometimes not in a fun, playful mood. (Sometimes I think I might be bipolar but that's another story). Anyways, Gracie can make me smile anytime. She knows just what to do. She knows enough now to come sit in my lap or walk over and give me a great big hug. Even by just being her silly self, she is the key to my happiness. I love her so much and I thank God for everyday I have her in my life. My babysitter is lucky that she gets to spend a lot of days with her. I just love working fulltime! My job rocks! And sometimes I just have to be crazy there.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Biggest Loser!

So if you want to call me anything, just call me the biggest loser! That's right. I have been carrying around this mufin top for some time now and I can no longer just say "I had a baby" because my baby is 20 months old. Last week at parent-teacher conferences, I had a parent come in and she said "Can I ask you a question?" So I said "Shoot." She actually said "Are pregnant?" I said "Uh, no" and then I guess she didn't believe me because then she said "Well are you and just not telling people?" I instantly covered the muffin top and once again gave her a "no." Seriously people! Besides she asked me in front of her daughter and even IF I was, I wouldn't admit it in front of her! Then the mom said she had a C-section and still had her gut. Well lady, I didn't have a C-section and got no little tummy tuck which I swear C-Sectioners get. I pushed an 8 pounder out of me and my stomach just chose not to deflate after. Also, a few weeks ago, while on my routine visit to the dentist, the dental hygienest asked me how far along I was. I kind of looked around and realized she was talking to me! I said I wasn't and she laughed and just said "Oh, I shouldn't have asked." That's right bizatch! You know fat people have feelings too! So all of this has inspired me to really watch my weight yet again. I did well last spring and summer and then let myself go. It's so hard to make it to the gym but I am just so tired at night and plus Chuck has to work some nights too. So at school last week we met to set up out Biggest Losers contest. We are on groups and had to weigh in on Friday. The scale was tipped but it wasn't too bad. Although when I went to the Biggest Loser website, and I typed in my info. it did say that I was overweight so I played around with it and if I can be 5 pounds lighter, it says I will be in my "healthy weight." Ok, so that's not so bad. So starting today, the diet thing went into effect. I can honestly say that I am so sick of eating Lean Cuisines because I had so many of them last spring and summer so I will be searching for other things to at least bring for lunch. Anyone have any ideas? I am not joining Weight Watchers officially, although I may join online but I am trying to count points. So I have until the end of May before I weigh in again and I am determined to lose weight. As for my gut, I am not guartenteeing anything but if I can get rid of the neon sign above my head that says "Please ask me if I am pregnant" it will be worth it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie E!

Well, it's official: another friend of mine has turned the ripe old age of 30! Even though Erin turned 30 last Monday, last night we had a surprise party planned for my BFF Erin. She had no idea and it was so much fun. Awhile ago she asked us if we wanted to go to Vegas to celebrate her birthday. Well, no one could really affort it so we deciced to bring Vegas to her in Amy's basement. We got super cool casino decorations, put up a poker table, set out some plinko machines and decks of cards, and of course beads. A lot of people came and Erin was totally surprised! I made Erin this awesome scrapbook in which I included my top 30 BFF memories! I think I have now made all my friends at scrapbook now! It's my turn now! We ate, had some cake sang kareoke, and Elvis even made an appearance to sing "Happy Birthday." I knew that man was still alive! Everyone had a great time I think and I am still recovering. Gracie enjoyed the beads at cleanup this morning and had more bling around her neck than any rapper I've ever seen! Let's hope she doesn't continue to wear all of her jewelry at once!