Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Daughter, the Artist!

We've been busy artists over at the Weiss household lately. Gracie has always loved drawing and making crafts. But the other day she surprised us! Instead of drawing the usual scribbles, she came up to us and showed us these! And I must say, she is good. Very developmental for this age. She is so smart. (I know it must be because I am a teacher.) But take a look.....
Here is a picture of "Daddy". He may look like a Mr. Potato Head but he had 2 eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs.

Here is "Daddy" again but with a big head, 2 big eyes, arms and legs.

This is a picture of a "spider." She did pretty good with giving it 7 legs, even though she does know a spider has 8.

And finally, here is Gracie's masterpiece of a "weiner dog." For some reason, she loves these dogs.

So what do you think? The next Van Gogh or Picasso maybe?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Beachy Day!

Yesterday the weather was just beautiful! No rain, no humidity, just perfect! So what did the Weiss clan do???
We headed to the beach!
Presley and Evie loved sporting their beachy wear.
They had plenty of fun enjoying the shade and playing with toys.

Gracie headed straight for the water.

And thanks to Aunt Sue for letting us come with her, she enjoyed spending some snuggly time with Evie.

Presley wanted badly to go swing.

So we had to round up Gracie who was busy playing in the sand, to come with us to the park.

This beachis awesome, because it has not only 1 park, but 2! The twins always enjoy a good swing.

In fact, they enjoyed it too much that they started to doze off.

And then Gracie said "time to feed the fish!"

These big and ugly catfish were super hungry. We had lots of bread but before we could really do anything, Gracie threw in whole pieces of bread at one time! Needless to say, we didn't get to feed the fish for long.

After some lunch, it was time for everyone to go swimming.

Gracie was getting tired but the twins were loving the water! They enjoyed sitting there and splashing.

Presley already knows how to kick his feet. I think he may be a lifeguard someday like his mama was!

Evie loved floating around in the little floaty. She was trying to drink the water. Yuck!

It was nice. Both babies took turns spending time in the floaty. I left it where they could still touch the bottom and they walked around. It was like a walker for water if you will!

Another great day at the beach! We had hardly pulled away and all 3 kids were sleeping.
Thanks Aunt Sue for letting us come with you! Sadly enough, this was probably our last beach trip for the year. Until next summer......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Pics!

Here are our new family pictures.

These pictures were taken courtesy of my friend Jessica. Please check out her website for more information. She is a very talented photographer.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Morton Aboretum

Today since the weather was finally nice and not hot and humid, we decided to get out and about again. Where did we go?

Grandpa came too.

We had never been here before and let me tell you, this place is huge! SO many trails to go hiking on. And it's beautiful too. It is so well kept and such a fun place to go and enjoy the outdoors. The one and only stop we made here though today was the children's garden.

Presley and Evie were so excited that they couldn't contain themselves. I keep thinking that next summer will be more fun for them but more work for me!

The children's garden was so neat. Lots of things to do. Very kid-friendly.
What did we do then?
Well, we climbed some forts.
and walked in some gardens,

played in some play houses,

ran through giant acorns,

played in a park,

walked on stepping stones,

and then did it again,

ran across bridges,

and some with daddy's help,

climbed some trees,

and hung around.

It was such a great day! We wrapped it up by buying some super-cool shades before heading home. You know this place has yearly membership and for a great price. I'm thinking of joining. It is such a great place to go with your family. Why I have never been here before, I have no idea!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Choo-Choo Johnny's!

We went to Choo-Choo Johnny's the other night to eat. We had never been there before and it was a pretty neat place. Very kid-friendly. Since we went on a Thursday, they have a balloon artist there. She had a little poster and the kids could pick which balloon they wanted. For free! So Gracie picked one of her favorite things...a giraffe!

What makes this restaurant super cool is that you sit around train tracks and the trains bring you the food. So here we are waiting for our food to come. Presley and Evie loved it too looking at all the trains.

And here is the train bringing the food. (ok so I didn't exactly get our food coming out. They have the train go around too just for fun.)

And the train did eventually bring Gracie another one of her favorite...grilled cheese! Yum.

Looks like we will be going back to this restaurant.