Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
What a great day for trick-or-treating. Here we are ready to go! Everyone has their new candy baskets too!

We went trick-or-treating over at Grandma and Grandpa's house because all the neighbors wanted to see the kiddies. First stop was Aunt Sue and Uncle Ray's. Cousin Jill gave us some yummy candy!

Auntie Amy joined in the fun this year too.

Gracie was good about ringing the doorbells, saying "trick-or-treat," and wishing everybody "happy halloween." She filled her candy bucket right up. It helps that Evie and Presley don't eat candy yet, so she actually gets 3x the amount! Great......

We weren't out for very long because it was starting to get chilly. But boy did we get a lot of goodies!

But Gracie wanted to stop at one last house.
Then we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's. Time to eat and relax. And take pictures of course.

I think Evie and Presley had fun on their first Halloween! Next year I'm sure all 3 of them will be running down the street.

And Presley is catching up to Evie. He took 3 steps today too!
I love my little garden gnome.
Oh, and even Cousin Willow came by too. Gracie loved her Jesse costume.

After dinner, it was time to play...

and then look at the cool Halloween gifts we got from Grandma and Auntie Amy.
Gracie got a spooky Princess book.

Auntie Amy stuffed bags full of fun. Evie and Presley got some snacks and some socks, perfect for the fall season.

And Gracie got Princess Memory game. What a face!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. We had a spooktacluar time!
Next up is Christmas and that season starts tomorrow!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Twas' the Night Before Halloween!
Ok, I seriously can't believe that October is just about over! This month came and went pretty fast. As we prepare for Halloween tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the pics from this month of all our Halloween fun!
For starters, our pumpkin collection grew this year. We made sure every member of our family of five was represented. Can you guess who is who?

And here we are again, but in the light. We are a spooky bunch!

Gracie and Daddy had a blast carving them.

Halloween is one of Gracie's favorite days she says. She had fun a few weeks ago making this gingerbread haunted house with Auntie Amy. And surprisingly, we didn't even eat it!

And I got Gracie hooked on one of the best Halloween movies ever!

We also had a lot of Halloween clothing to wear too. Evie's is hard to see because you see she is starting to take steps and here she is coming at me. She has more shirts than anyone because she has all of Gracie's old ones.

And poor Presley wanted to walk to me but he can't support his weight like that just yet.

The other day was Gracie's Halloween party at school too. That was a ton of fun for both of us. Of course you can't see her very well in this picture because that yo gabba gabba dude was moving around! But all her friends were really cute!

We also made a ton of foamy pumpkins which we put on Halloween cards and we also made this foamy haunted house. Gracie loves the foamy stickers!

Here we are sporting more Halloween gear. Presley looks darn cute with his tongue hanging out. And I should mention that his new favorite toy is a spoon. Yep, he takes his spoon everywhere. Don't worry, I do give him clean ones.

My litte vampire who is actually getting his second tooth!

Poor little Evie, who still has no teeth! But she's still cute anyways!

We also made lots of scary faces this month too. Check this one out!

And today we went to Scott and Levi's first annual Halloween party! It was a ton of fun!
I have to say that the garden knome idea was a big hit. Look how cute these too are!
Miss Grace was a butterfly but didn't wear her wings too much today!

All of Gracie's friends were there too. Scotty and Sean, and Adam.

Evie was having fun standing around.

Presley had fun hanging out with his beard on just watching everybody.

Levi was the cutest little alien.

And Mia was a beautiful bat.

And then Uncle Mark showed up with Jackson. They were that dude and baby from "The Hangover." Super cute!

But then Jackson brought his other costume and looked even more cute!

And Jessica is super awesome and made some yummy cupcakes.

The cupcakes had orange frosting and she made all these Tootsie Roll pieces to decorate the cupcakes as pumpkins.

Gracie loves having anything to do with sweets so she was all on that.

And here is all the kiddos that were at the party. Basically when you have this many kids, you place them, run, and click your camera like crazy before any of them try to escape!

One more day to celebrate Halloween. We will be going trick-or-treating.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party!

Today was our Halloween party at school. Luckily Halloween falls on a Sunday so that meant Halloween parties would be on Friday. Now for those of you that are not teachers, party days are crazy days! It's pointless to try to get anything done really. Today my kids took their usual Friday spelling test and then we did some fun Halloween activities. We have been writing scary stories all week and today we read them with flashlights. It was fun. Soon it was time for the kids to put on their costumes. Lucky for me, my babysitter is also a room captain so she had to come to the parties obviously so that meant my kids got to come. Like any mom, I enjoy showing them off, especially in thier costumes. Gracie came with her butterfly outfit and then had fun with my stickers at my desk.

Presley and Evie took in all the excitement from the stroller. They were a big hit with my class.
Notice Presley's pants? Yep, they are too short. His costume is 12-24 month though.

And then every year lately, it seems like the teachers at my school come up with some sort of theme to be for costumes. One year we were Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. One year we were my favorite, the Wizard of Oz. Last year, they were games. I was out on bedrest and while my team were all Scrabble tiles, my name was still represented on the Scrabble gameboard so I was there in spirit. This year the theme was candy. So remember those paper dot candies? You know, the kind where you eat the candy off the paper and ended up eating half of the paper too? That's what we were! Some of my kids asked me if I was a Twister game so I guess that was a candy from our generation. Oh well. It was still fun.

And here are all the teachers that participated in the theme. Besides, paper dots, we had Smarties, Life Savers, candy corns, Sweet Tart Hearts, Jelly Bellys, 3 Musketeers, a Tootsie Roll, and even the garbage can full of wrappers thanks to Joann! Don't I work with a sweet bunch of people? I would say so.

Happy Halloween! Lots more activities to do this weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gracie's Halloween Party!

Today was Gracie's Halloween party at school! We had been pumping her up for weeks now and she was very excited, especially about the whole parade thing. (Even though it wouldn't have a marching band like she would have liked.) Well, lucky me, I got picked to help with this party. We were told that parents would only be allowed to volunteer at 1 party, either the Halloween, Valentine's, or end of the year party. So Halloween was a good one to get! We were told that the kids could bring in treats to pass out so Gracie made a bunch of these pumpkins the other day.......

so I thought I would put them on a card and attach a piece of candy.

So after I got to drop Gracie off at school for the first time, I headed for some coffee and then back to the party to set up. We had a small amount of time to actually have the party so first thing on the agenda was snack. Yum, cookies! With orange frosting!

Then it was time to listen to a scary story and dance to a Halloween song. The song was so cute because it was like "If you're happy and you know it," but to go with Halloween, there was "if you're scary and you know it make a monster face, stir the witches brew, screech like a cat, walk like a mummy, etc. So cute but the kids just sort of stood there like wth and just watched us do it instead.

Then it was time to head into the other room for games. The kids were put into groups, which was easy to do as there are only 16 of them. I was in charge of "pin the nose on the pumpkin." Gracie was in the first group. She won actually and I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Here's the pumpkin after everyone played. I made the pumpkin myself and I think it turned out pretty stinking cute. I donatad it to her teachers though.

There were other games too like pumpkin walk, similar to the cupcake walk, bozo buckets, but with pumpkin buckets, and throwing spiders at the web. Here is Gracie doing an awesome job!

Then the party was over and it was time for the parade. Since it was windy and chilly outside, the teachers decided to do it inside. So here are the kids walking in.

Do they look cute or what?

Here is Gracie's class. They were so good. Actually they were so quiet. It was so out of the ordinary for them so really there was no trouble at all! I wish my class would behave like that!

Some of the kids Gracie is generally talking about now include Rachel, Ava, and Owen. I met them today and they are darling.

Daddy even managed to get a break from work to come over for the parade and take a video of it. Then he took Gracie out to lunch while Mommy went back to work:(. I did meet a lot of new mommy friends from this, including one today who is also a teacher. At least I don't feel like the only working parent of the group! I had so much fun. I'm so glad Gracie had fun too!

Just check out the loot she got too! We are not allowed to do this at my school!

And even before the party, they had time to make some spooky crafts too! So cute!
Happy Halloween! Tomorrow the kids get to come to my school party!