Saturday, June 30, 2012

Braidwood Beach Club!

Today my friends Kyle and Heather invited us to their beach club to swim and watch the fireworks!  We were so exited to go!  We hardly ever go to a beach!  When we got there, it was cookout time!
Kyle made some yummy burgers, brats, and hotdogs.
The kids had some fun playing baseball with our friends Sean and Mia, and their dad Kevin.  They sure like Kevin! 
Jackson came to sit by Evie who was trying to hide her fruit snacks because she knew Jackson would be sneaky and try to take them.
The kid could not wait to get in the water. Evie had so much fun swimming and even swam by herself a little bit.

Gracie was all about swimming by herself.  She loved it!

This guy mostly hung out by the shore. He came in the water with me but liked digging in the sand better.

The kids all had fun playing in the sand too.  We bought a bunch of shovels and buckets.
In fact all the little kids had fun playing together in the sand.

This was the only little one that preferred to be in the water.
Gavin came over to check out what Jackson and Presley were up to.
They played so well. 
Gracie had to be reminded to stay near an adult because with her floaty on, there was no stopping her.  She was a fish!
And she had fun swimming with Sean.
We came back for snacks and Jackson loved his cookie.  Can you tell?
We played at the park for a little bit before the fireworks started.

These things make me so nervous.
Yep, I brought my kids jammies to change into after swimming and this guys were a litte tight.  Oh well, he still looks cute.

I don't think Evie and Presley  have seen fireworks before and I wondered how they would do.
They did so good!  Evie sat on Erin's lap and laughed at them.  Presley sat in a little chair and talked throughout the whole thing mainly naming the colors that they were. Most of the time he was right!  He also decided and said that he was a "brave boy" because some of the kids were scared and crying.  Gracie likes them too but she just covers her ears because she doesn't like how loud they are.
A pefect afternoon.  The only thing missing was Chuck.  Maybe next time.  Thanks Kyle and Heather for inviting us!  We had a blast!  Can't wait for  next year!

And now I have some wrapping to do since I have a little girl turning 5 tomorrow! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gracie's 5th Birthday Party!

Today we celebrated Gracie's 5th birthday even though her actual birthday isn't until Sunday. We had it through the Park District at a downtown Plainfield location that houses Gracie's preschool.  They offer different themes and we chose the princess/superhero one. We had 22 guests coming all under the age of 7!  All the kids came in their costumes.
The girls each got a Princess crown and wand and the boys got an Avengers mask anda glowstick neclace.  Jake and Kyle chose Ironman masks.
We brought costumes from home too and Jackson chose to wear this Ironman mask.
Zeke came in his Superman outfit.  Don't the flipflops make a powerful statement?
Even Baby Ruth came dresses as Snow White with Grandpa Gil.
Amy made the cupcakes which were fabulous of course.
My cousin Jen made the cupcake toppers. Adorable.

Here are all the goodies laid out.  When our guests left, they also got a Princess or Superhero book and a cup.

Cullen came and chose Hulk and Mason wanted to be Captain America.
They had out coloring sheets to work on while everyone arrived.

Then everyone got to make a crown or mask.  Each kid got to pick their color and decorate it with stickers and jewels.
Here is the birthday girl all decked out in her Jasmine outfit!  She is her favorite Princess. 
Evie was Snow White and was so proud of her yellow crown she made with Grandma.

Jacob and Luke came and decided to both be Hulk! 
Cullen worked hard on his mask.
Levi liked the blow thing.
Grandma Patti brought her grandkids Libby, Zeke, and Ruth.
The staff read a princess story to all the kids. Look how cute they all look sitting there!
They did a great job of listening!
Even Luke who wouldn't even take off his Hulk mask.  He is so cute!

After a story, it was time for a game.  They all had to line up behind Gracie.

It was Pin the Crown on the Princess! 

Jake or Kyle (I still can;t tell these twin boys apart) stuck their crown on the wall.  Actually both of them did!

Allie came with her brand new dress as Rapunzel!
Evie and Mason had fun although Evie might not look like it.
Then it was time to open gifts.  The people who gave Gracie their present got to come up and sit by her.  Jake and Kyle gave her a really cool Princess coloring set.
Addie gave Gracie a teacher Barbie!  Plus some extra stuff that she picked our especially for Gracie including a Tinkerbell watch, Skittles, bubbles, Princess gel pens, and Princess chapstick.  So sweet.

Here is the teacher Barbie.  She is already out of her box and tucked safely in bed with the birthday girl.
Libby, Zeke, and Ruth got Gracie some pretty clothes including a shirt that comes with a fashion scarf.  And it's green!  Cute!  She also got a Pricess art easel with all kinds of fun crafts to do with it.
Sean and Mia gave Gracie a Spiderman car and a pretty summer outfit!

Jackie and Olivia gave Gracie a Princess book you can make where you are one of the characters!  And a new game!  We can't wait to play!
Allie and Emma gave Gracie lots of new bows!  My friend Dana is so talented and makes the cutest bows.  She also made this nifty bow holder.  Supercute!  I can't wait to put all our bows on it!  Awesome!
Cullen and Mason gave Gracie a new Princess nightgown! 
Then we sang and it was time for cupcakes.  Yummy!
Addie and Gracie were inseperable at her party.  They have already discusses and planned lots of playdates and sleepovers in the future!  So cute!

Scott and Levi loved the cupcakes! 
But I think Jackson did the most!
I think everyone enjoyed their cupcakes including Belle and Sleeping Beauty.
Miss Coleen was there, she was Gracie's preschool teacher last year so it was neat that she helped at this party.  Gracie liked it too.  She read another book about Princesses and it had to do with manners.
We tried our best to get a good picture of all the kids. I think some have before I had the chance to take one.  But here is a good one.  We are really lucky to have so many great friends!
Oh, here is Gracie when we sang to her. I don't think she likes being the center of attention with a whole bunch of people.  She just stood there.  Miss Coleen did have her sing the special birthday song they learned at school and she did do that. 
More pics of our special friends.
And here is Gracie with Miss Leslie and Miss Coleen. They were brave enough to run this party!

Thank you to everyone who came!  We had fun and hope you did too!  Gracie is such a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in her life who spoiled her with gifts which are now all over our family room floor.  Thank you!