Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School!

Well, we are in full back to school routine around here!
The summer went by way too fast and my kids grew up way too fast.  This year my Gracie is in 2nd grade!  Here is her interview except I forgot to turn the pic around.

Here is my big girl on her first day of second grade!

Her teacher is Mr. Parrott and he is right across the hall from me and so is Gracie!!!

And as luck would have it, her BFF Jackie is in her class again!

And then finally this week, Evie and Presley started preschool!  This is their second year but still their  first day of their last year of preschool.  Makes me kind of happy and sad at the same time.

Whoops.  This got out of order.  Holly and I with our girls. This is our new tradition as we did this pose in front of the classroom door pic last year in 1st grade.  

So proud of all my kiddos.  I hope they learn a lot, make a lot of new friends, and have so much fun!  So far everyone is happy and excited which is awesome!  I hope it stays that way!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Well I know I haven't posted lately but it was only because we were so busy soaking up the last days of summer, getting ready for school to start, setting up my classroom, and having school actually start.  So before fall actually comes, I wanted to recap our last few days of summer.

There was one day where we had a Disney Jr. party in town.  And it was free!  The kids were so excited.  They got to see Sophia and Jake.
They had all kinds of fun games and the theme was the power of doing good so all the games went along with that.  They earned dabloons for doing all the activities.

The final part of this was seeing our buddies Jake and Sophia on stage and singing!

Next up was taking a trip to Indiana to a place called Fair Oaks Farms.  We had never been there before but it was really neat.

They had all kinds of little activities for the kids including bouncy houses, mazes, parks, and driving tractors.
Then you board a bus and it takes you to the cow portion of this farm.  I think they said they had like 3,000 cows or something here.
We got to see the baby calves.
We drove through the barns where the cows were.

Then we got to see how they milk the cows. They go on like a merry-go-round.  They round up so that one cow gets on and then they get hooked up.  They take a trip around the circle which takes like 8 minutes and then they leave.  This whole milking process is a 24 hour, 7 day a week process.  I want to say they produce like 24,000 gallons of milk a day?  Something like that.
After that we went to the birthing barn where you can see cows being born live. With that many cows, there is always new cows begin born.  It was pretty neat to watch.
This cow just had twins!

We also went to one last carnival and rode some rides.

Evie and I even went on the ferris wheel!

We took another trip to the zoo to0.

This time we tried to pet the stingrays.  We have never done that before.

These are jellyfish.

Up next, I hosted a cousin night with my girls.  My cousin Diane just had a baby boy named Caleb.  You might remember also reading about her and her miracle Christmas baby a few years ago where she adopted him .  So happy for her and we were lucky to all find a time to get together.

We took another trip to Blackberry Farms with our friends Jackie and Olivia. We visited the old schoolhouse.

We also put on life jackets and went paddle boating.

We rode the train.

Even Baby Charlie had fun!

But I think the kids had the most fun riding the ponies.  They rode them like 6 times each.

We even squeezed in one more day at the beach!

And we took a trip to the Wild West Town.  We had never been there before either.  It was pretty neat.

They had rides.

You could pan for gold.

A fun park to play in.

You could shoot some arrows.

There was even a wild west live gun show.
There was pony rides.

And shooting ranges.
And even slingshots.

We even got put in jail.

We ended the summer by having a fun visit with Papa, Uncle Frog, and Uncle Chad.  

Summer isn't over technically but now that we have squeezed in lots of last minute fun, we are ready for fall.  Bring on the cooler weather, pumpkin patches, and Halloween!