Saturday, December 31, 2016

Evie Lost Her First Tooth!

This girl finally lost her first tooth this year! She was so excited!  Shad her Tooth Fairy pillow all ready and she left her a glittery $5 bill in the morning! 

Merry Christmas!

Santa came! That's what my kids reported when they woke up at 5 am Christmas morning!
It looks like he left Presley some Cubs Legos and a Nerf gun!
All of the glorious presents!

He left Evie a new dolly ice cream truck and a new doll which she named Sarah!  She even has her ears pierced!

Gracie hit the motherload with Shopkins stuff!  Santa left her all kinds of Shopkins Kinstruction sets.  They are like Lego sets but with Shopkins of course.

He even ate most of the cookies and drank the milk we left out!

So like I said, the kids were up before the sun as you can see it's still dark outside.  But that's ok...someday we will be waking them up right?

They were so excited to see what Santa brought them and I think everything was a hit!

They got new Infinity characters too!

So we had to bust into our stockings right away!  I love our stockings. My mom bought them for me for my birthday a bunch of years back.  

Gracie seemed pretty excited to get a Jack Skellington hat!

Some of these pictures got out of order as I kept going between my phone and my camera. These are at Grandma and Grandpa's with another load of presents they had waiting for them there!

My sister gave me this awesome New Kids on the Block shirt which I will proudly wear to the concert that we will be going to come June!

And Amy and I had a  quilt made for my mom with all of our Disney pictures on it. It turned out really cute and a great keepsake from that fabulous trip!

This is some of the aftermath at Grandma and Grandpa's.

And me and my family in our matching jammies. Love, love, love it!

By the end of Christmas Day, I am always so pooped out!

So now we'll go back to the beginning again at our house.
Well, actually, this is what it looked like at the end of Christmas day after we came home from Grandma's. Yikes! 

Here we go, back to bright and early Christmas morning.

The kids had fun checking out the loot in their stockings.

Presley found some superhero Lego guys.
And of course Santa left some toys in Millie and Hazel's stockings so we had to get their stuff out too.

The kids played for awhile while I made coffee and breakfast casserole. 

But soon enough, we couldn't hold off any longer.  Present time!
Instead of labeling every present, each kid has their own wrapping paper that I wrap their presents in so they know what belongs to who. Presley had Avengers, Gracie had Frozen, Evie had Princess, and Daddy had Ninja Turtles.

Bub got the Quixel 3D maker!  We have the original one and he loves that so this should be fun!

Gracie got a Caboodle!  It was filled with chapstick, socks, lip gloss, and earrings!

She was really happy with the Shopkins earrings!

Presley got a laser tag game since he fell in love with it last spring at Haunted Trails.

Evie got a Princess coloring book!

Gracie got a Minecraft maker where you can make your own Minecraft movies using a free app with your tablet.

Evie was excited with some new Elsa jammies.

Check out all of Bub's gifts.  I guess he was a good boy!

Gracie too!
And this girl was for sure!

Gracie and Presley were tearing into the gifts at rapid speed.  Evie took her time and looked at each present very thoughtfully and graciously. 

Bub got a remote control tumbler car.

Gracie got what else?....more Shopkins!
This girl taking her time.

One of the things Presley really wanted was Nerf guns so he got some target practice things too.
The pile of presents keeps growing.

Evie got lots of books as she LOVES to read.  This was one of my  favorites as a kid.

Holy Nerf Gun batman!

Evie got some Barbies too. 

Gracie loves drawing and she got this cool projector that can project her masterpieces on the ceiling and wall.  It's pretty cool.

Evie got a Girl Scout uniform for her doll!

And more Barbies!

Gracie got these new Girl Scout chapter books! They look really neat!
Bub got a World Series coloring book!

And this Wrigley Field ABC book which is darling.

Millie had to check out all the loot too!

Bub got a long sleeve Cubs shirt!

And also a remote control truck!

Evie was excited to get this superhero shirt with Wonder Woman on it!

Gracie got an atlas and a fact book about the states since she is learning all about them in social studies at school.

And a real art set too!

And she also loves animals and maybe wants to be a vet so she got a doll that is a vet complete with animals that need her help!

The kids made out really well and we had quite the pile of paper to clean up.

Evie also got this Wonder Woman alarm clock for her room.

She also got an Aurora doll!

This gift Daddy got for them...

a new telescope!

Daddy got to open his presents too.  He got a new Gonzo ornament.
A new Cubs shirt!

And this sign. Its' from Friends but he doesn't get it.  It's more for me anyways.

After all the excitement at our house, it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's.  On the way, this dude lost a tooth.

Presley brought his laser tag thing and wasted no time starting a game with Grandpa.

But then we were ready to check out our stockings at Grandma's house.

And of course....more presents!

Grandma got them each a magic coloring tablet.  It's really cool!

Then they also each got a big coloring book!

Amy bought them tons of presents too! Holy Moly!

Evie got tons of new shoes for her dolls!

Presley got another Nerf gun!

Gracie got the Happy Place Shopkins set!

Bub also got the game of Battleship!

Evie got the Belle Lego castle. She is super excited about the movie coming this spring!
Bub got some Ninja Turtle Lego set too!

He also got this baseball game which is super neat. You play like pinball sort of but keep score and everything. 

Gracie got the Lego amusement park which she has been wanting too!

My awesome shirt again!

We gave Amy some new Lularoe leggings with purses on them!

And I made her a sign that says "there's snow place like amy's."

We gave Grandpa a Wally World shirt.

Amy and my mom each got this sign.  I have one too.  Love it!
I also made my parents a sign. There's says "there's snow place like grandma and grandpa's."

Evie worked very hard to color this frame for Grandma.

And I made this foldable Disney scrapbook for my parents as well.

Evie was excited to get a new Decendants shirt!

We all got our new Claudia ornaments this year. They are all Disney themed!  Super cute!

All the kids also got new drawing books from my parents. 

Another look at the quilt my parents got.

And finally....done!  The paper was a mess!

It was a Merry Christmas indeed!