Friday, December 30, 2016

Surprise 40th Anniversary Party!

This past fall, on October 2nd to be exact, my parents had something to celebrate....
their 40th wedding anniversary!  My sister and I had planned to make it a surprise so that's what we did!  We had it at my church and decorated it using the colors orange and yellow and even recreated some of the décor ideas such as the crepe paper down the middle of the tables. 
We had a cake made too.

Amy made cookies in the shape of the number 40.

We had wedding pictures blown up and made a frame for guests to sign.
I even wrote a little poem.

We even found the wedding album and had that out for everyone's viewing pleasure. 

We told mom and dad to meet us at church and that we were going to go out to eat.  Little did they know, that was not going to happen.  Dad thought he was going to the Weber Grill.  Ha!

They were pretty surprised! 

We told them that they had about 15 minutes to let it sink in before guests started showing up.

We catered some food and made salads and sides ourselves.

Mom and dad with their 2 flower girls.

Cutting the cake!
Almost everyone came out too! 

Mom's cousin Teri, surprised her by coming from Wisconsin with her family!

Tara and Mike were there!

Aunt Maureen, cousin Wally, and Mary Beth

Laurie, Molly, and Janis

Aunt Carol, Aunt Nancy, and Aunt Rosemary

Scott and Nick

Rico and Chris Andel

Scrapbook Lane ladies

The Eldred's and the Sartain's

Joyce and Bruce

Rob Andel and Bob Zimmerman

Uncle Jerry, Uncle Ray, and Uncle Jim

Mom with her besties

The neighbors

Some of the people from the original wedding party

The kids had fun playing.

It was a great party!  Everyone had fun and mom and dad were certainly surprised!  Happy 40th anniversary!

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