Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas is always nothing short of magical to me! I love Christmas and everything about it! Since we have our new house, we have Christmas Eve at our house.  We do it low key in our jammies and eat soup, chili, and salad.  The kids couldn't wait for Amy to come over so they could read to her.
They wanted to read to Grandma too.

This boy was proudly wearing his Cubbies Santa hat.

Grandpa played a little Shopkins Headbanz with Gracie.

Then the kids were super excited to give us their presents.  Evie made me this at school!  I so treasure these ornaments that they make!

Here is Presley's.

Presley was really excited to give Grandpa his present.

I caught the girls sharing a moment.  Gracie made Evie a card and told her how much she loved her. Melt. My. Heart.

Grandpa got new whiffle balls from Presley since he kept breaking his.

The kids were so  excited and ready!

I made them each a little scrapbook of our Disney trip from this past summer.  They turned out super cute and I think they liked them.

Chuck put on his elf suit and Millie wanted a picture with him!

Grandma had to get a look at the new scrapbooks.

Our family Christmas Eve picture!

One with Grandma and Grandpa.

And Amy too.

Then it was time for Pie Face.  Grandpa got to go first.

Then Presley.

Oh boy!  He got a pie in the face!

Gracie did too!

Dadddy ordered himself a present. He tried forever to get a newspaper of the Cubbies winning the World Series but never did.  They were on back order.  So he ordered this!

Then we had to go outside and sprinkle our reindeer food.

We made sure to leave out cookies and milk for Santa!

I always take a picture with the kids and their Christmas trees every Christmas Eve.

Our beautiful house on Christmas Eve and there is still some snow left too!
And I was lucky enough to catch Santa on camera delivering our presents!

And I take a picture of the kids sleeping on Christmas Eve!  So precious. 

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