Friday, December 30, 2016

Family Fun!

This summer we had a couple of weddings to attend. My cousin Jill got married earlier in the summer and then my cousin Kyle got married in August. I love Mueller weddings.  It's always super fun!  Here are me and my cousins.

We got some cool shades to wear.

And since the out-of-towners were all here, we took family pics.
Here is my dad with his brothers and sisters. Starting in the back row left we have Uncle Jerry, Uncle Rich (from Minnesota), Uncle Ron, Uncle Jim, Uncle Ray and in the front row we have Uncle Mike, Aunt Judy, Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Cathy, and dad.

Here is all of them with their spouses.  See why we need to rent a hall on Christmas?

Me, Amy, Jen, and Lisa

The rest of my crazy cousins.
This group is called the "out-laws" since they married into the family.   We have Uncle Tony, Aunt Carol, Aunt Jan, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Nancy, mom and in the front we have Aunt Maureen, Aunt Karen, Aunt Sue, and Aunt Rosemary

The wedding was lots of fun. Loads of dancing and of course Uncle Jim played his accordion.

Everyone loves the chicken dance, especially our family!

Then we had some fun taking pictures.

Such a fun night!  I love it and I am lucky to have such a fun family!

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