Friday, December 30, 2016

Evie and Presley's 7th Birthday!

Evie and Presley had quite the birthday! Their birthday fell on a Friday so they got to celebrate at school. They also each donated a book to the library for their birthday!
Where did they want to go for their birthday dinner? 
Chuck E. Cheese!

They did a little dancing with Chuck E. Cheese and got some free tickets.

After some pizza, the kids had fun playing some games and riding some of the rides.

I won 100 tickets for this guy!

Then I did the same for this girl too!

After that excitement, we headed home to open presents. 

Gracie wanted to help too.

Evie was thrilled to get her Barbie pop-up camper.

Bub was pretty happy with his box of Nerf guns.

Evie got an Evie doll too!
Bub got some Cubbies books!

And he was pretty excited to add to his collection of Mashers except now he is working on Star Wars ones.
Then each of them got a special gift from Grandma.

First they each got a new pillowcase!  Cubs and Princess!

Grandma made each of them new quilts!  She made them each one a few years ago but now these are bigger quilts.  Bub got a Cubbies one!  Grandma had been busy collecting Cubs material to make this.

The backside is a baseball field.

Evie got a Princess one too!  Beautiful!

Then we had a cookie cake because these two are not fond of cake. 

Happy birthday my babies!

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