Friday, December 30, 2016

Sandwich Fair!

Like every other year, we go to the Sandwich Fair every fall. It's a huge fair with all kinds of things to do like rides, food, animals, and contests. The kids always like to go to the petting zoo.  So we headed there first. 
Then we had to walk through the chicken building.  It was noisy in there!

Then we went in the arts and crafts building.  It's so cute and old school. People make cakes and quilts and they get judged and ribbons are awarded. 

We even saw some cool things made out of Legos.

We had to go find the giant pumpkins too!

One of the favorite things to do though is ride the tractors.  The kids love this for whatever reason and they want to have their picture taken on all of them!

We did go check out some engines.

And of course we had to check out the cool campers.  Of course the kids want Grandpa to buy them one!

And it's tradition that we always take our pic with the big tire.

We did a few rides but not many because it was super crowded and it was bracelet day so you pay one price to ride as many rides as you could. Everyone else had the same idea.

So we opted for milking cows instead.

Super fun day.  We look forward to this fair every year!

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