Friday, December 30, 2016

Evie and Presley's Birthday Party!

Evie and Presley had a birthday party at the Inwood pool. Since they turned 7, they each got to invite 7 friends. So that's what we did.  It was pretty cool and I have never been here before.  The kids loved the swimming area and we brought our kickboards and divers and goggles and the kids had a ball. 
Evie had fun with Piper and Charlotte. 

Some of Evie and Presley's friends have older sisters so they came too to keep Gracie company. 

The birthday boy had fun.

Evie and her little posse.

Presley and Ethan.

Patrick and Tyler.

Presley and his buddies from school.
Scott and Levi were there too.

Here's all the kiddies that came. 

The party was Nemo and Dory cuz you know I needed a cute theme.  We ordered a cake.

Amy made cookies too. 

I think the kids all had a swimmingly good time!

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