Friday, December 30, 2016

Brookfield Zoo!

One of our favorite places to go here around home is Brookfield Zoo! It's nothing like the St. Louis Zoo but it's still fun. We used to have a membership here but haven't renewed it. We don't go as much as we used to since we joined a pool over the summer. Now we average a couple of times a year.  Grandpa went with us.
We started out by checking out the camels.
Then we had to take our picture in the kangaroo pouch.

Next we saw some giraffes.

And bison.

The wolves were out today too.  Usually they are hard to spot.

The polar bear was being pretty lazy.

The kids had fun counting the fish.

We always pretend to be animals too. This girl loves her pandas!


We went and saw the alligators.

And the river otters were putting on a little show for us.

Grandpa and his monkeys.

We love going in the monkey house.  We are fascinated by the gorillas.  There was an adorable baby one that we just couldn't stop watching.

Then we had to pretend to be comic characters.
We also checked out the dolphins.

We even saw a snow leopard.

And a lion.
We always make sure to ride the carousel too.

Zoo days are always a wild time!

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