Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Season with Frankenstein!

We had another great year with Frankenstein, our elf on the Shelf this year! I missed some pictures and these are totally out of order.  She showed up after Thanksgiving with a new Christmas movie and a Christmas book for each kid. 
Here are some of the places we found her each day.

On December 1st, she left us the countdown to Christmas books.  These are books we have had for years and every year and maybe add a new book or two each year.  The kids look forward to it every night and we can snuggle and read a Christmas story.
One day she was playing Twister with Barbies.

Making snow angels in sprinkles.

Polar Express tickets.

One day she even painted our noses red.  Daddy's too!

This was her goodbye note.

One day she was loving on Kermit which did not make MIss Piggy happy.

Undies on the tree.

Do you want to build a snowman?
One day we found her at a desk coloring a picture.


She wrote a letter to Santa and left us papers to write one too!

Here is Evie's.



So she took them to Santa and the next day she came back with letters from him!

One morning we woke up to find that she had put streamers in all of our doorways.

Here she is wearing a Minecraft Creeper head.

One day she also got into the leftover Halloween candy with Rizzo, panda, and reindeer.

And some days we found her just hanging around.
Or in the Barbie house.

One day after a bunch of really cold days, it warmed up so she opened a lemonade stand!


It was another fun filled season with her.  The kids always look forward to waking up each morning and looking for her.  If she did something she did last year, they remembered. So next year she will have to up her game and do some more, brand-new crazier things!

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