Saturday, December 31, 2016

Girls Christmas!

Like every year, we have a girls Christmas with all be besties. I'm not sure how many years we have been doing this now. I know it started before any of us had babies. But the kids love it as do I.  I hosted again this year and we had pizzas for the kids to eat.   
Shelby, Evie, and Colton gobbled it right up!
Gracie and Scott were eating silly.

Levi was not happy for some reason.

These two were bouncing off the walls.

Baby Matthew was busy crawling all over the place!

But pretty soon, we had a special visitor...
He came!  Santa Gil!

The kids were so excited!

Santa found his chair and now the fun begins.

Jackson was the first one up there. 

Then Levi went.


Baby Matthew.






Benny was a little nervous.

I had to take a selfie with Santa!  Kind of a new tradition I do!
Even Mrs. Claus came!

Colton was all about giving the hugs to Santa. It was really sweet.

Then Santa got a group hug!

After Santa left, the kids decorated cookies.

Then it was time for presents!  We do a gift exchange with the kids every year.  This year we had Colton, Shelby, and Matthew.

Once the gifts were passed out, the kids were ready to tear into them.

Scott and Levi got Christmas sweaters! Love it!

The girls and I always do a sock exchange.  Although it's turned in to not stuffing the socks anymore, but just adding the socks to a super cute gift.  Here we are modeling our new socks!

Me and Baby Matthew! 

Soon it was Christmas jammies time and the kids posed for yet another picture.

Whoops, my pics got out of order.
All the kids with Santa!  One of my most favorite sights ever!

And of course Santa with my girls!

Happy Girls Christmas!

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