Friday, December 30, 2016

Fall Ball with the Sand Gnats!

After this spring of Presley playing baseball, he was hooked so we signed him up for fall ball too! He was on the team of the Sand Gnats. Somehow it was the last team picked and the team with the majority of young players. Oh well, Presley didn't mind.  The difference between fall ball and spring was that scores were actually kept.  You could strike out.  The kids pitched to each other. It was more like a real game of baseball and Presley just loved it.  His team met at the batting cages on Fridays and had practice on Tuesdays too.  He was pitching quite a bit this season and he LOVED it!  It was his favorite position.  He even got some game balls!  He pitched one of his last games and did well. He struck out some the players.  He played against some kids who were in 2nd and 3rd grade too! 

Look at that serious pose. He took it really serious and always tried his best.

He had a hard time batting this year.  He struck out quite a bit but still didn't get discouraged.  

He worked hard and did make it to base a few times.


This was their last game and here is the team.

They all got trophies too!

Presley really enjoyed it and it was fun  to watch.  Baseball has become part of our lives and I think that's how it's going to be from now on. 

Bub always did good and did it with a smile.  So proud of my little baseball slugger!  I know he'll just get better and better every year!

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