Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Capers!

These pictures are so out of order because my camera had a hard time downloading all of these. We had so much this holiday season and here are the pictures to prove it!
For one, we always have a dance party at school in place of Christmas parties in our classrooms.  There is a DJ, craft, and photo booths. Here are some pics from that party! 
This was our Christmas card this year!

We had a Christmas program at church too!

There was also a Christmas program at school. First and fourth grades had that going on. I helped out so I got some pics of the kids with their friends.

Here is 1st grade singing some really cute songs.

After 1st grade, it was time for 4th grade!
These 3 were the welcoming committee.

There's Gracie!

And all of the 4th graders.

Since it was a fine arts night, the kids wanted to show us their artwork that was hanging up in the halls.

Of course Presley drew his snowman with a Cubs hat!

There is Presley  during his program.

Here is the church program again.  Gracie has some speaking parts and she did so good!  She memorized them and everything!

Colton was in the program this year too!

Presley and Evie did well too!

I love our church at Christmas!

We also had a Polar Express night at school where at different points of the movies, us teachers passed out hot chocolate, bells, and candy canes.  Santa even came to surprise us at the end!

Here's the group of girls ready to watch!  Everyone came in their jammies.

We also had a Christmas party with all of our before and after school friends. AKA, the children of teachers!  We made crafts.

We ordered pizza and had a little gift exchange.

After the presents were passed out, it was time to open!

The big girls liked their gifts and there were lots of Shopkins to go around.

The little kids had fun too!

Evie wrote like 10 letters to Santa this year.  She always left them near Frankenstein so I kept them all but this one was one of my favorites!

We also had a Holiday Hoopla at school and the male teachers formed a little band and sang some songs too.  So fun!  The teachers and I also did a little dance.

Here are a few last pics from that holiday party.

It was a great holiday season!

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