Friday, December 30, 2016

Santa and Bass Pro Shop!

We have made it a new tradition to go see Santa at Bass Pro on Thanksgiving.  So after we ate, we headed up there.  There was hardly anyone there, which is why we go on Thanksgiving.

There were only a few people ahead of us in line so we were up by Santa in no time.

He talked to each of the kids and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. 

And we took our picture too.

And because it's a cool place to go, we had fun playing around.

The kids had fun using the bow and arrows to knock down things.

We took some family pics too.

Then we had to shoot some guns.

And ride the merry-go-round.

We also got to make a free craft. This day they got to make Thanksgiving bags.

Then we had to walk around and check out the fish.

And the big bear.

This guy found a coat he liked.  

And he also found his new love for camo.  
It was a great time.

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