Friday, December 30, 2016

Wrigley Field!

IT was a cool November day and the Cubbies had just won the World Series a couple of weeks ago so we had to head down to Wrigley Field! We drove to the city and then rode the L to Wrigleyville.
Everyone wore some Cubs gear.

The kids were excited to ride the train.

And soon....we were there!
The wall was still there and everyone had to leave a message.

This is Presley's hero...Rizzo!
I wrote my Grandpa's name for him as he was a big Cubbies fan!

And there is was....a piece of history!
Pretty cool!

We had a hard time getting a good picture of the family.

But we had to take some with Amy and Grandma and Grandpa too.

Then Chuck wanted to take some of his own pics.

We even saw a goat on the sidewalk and took a picture with it.

What a fun day!

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