Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wesmere Christmas!

Every year we always have a Wesmere Christmas too. It started the year we all had babies and we always have it at our friend Andrea's house. We always have it the night we get out for Christmas break too. We all show up in our jammies and we always have a special visitor from Santa Gil!  We  called the kids up because after we ate, he came!

The kids were super excited and Santa had gifts for all the kids!

They gathered around as he passed them out.

Evie got the characters from Elana, a new show that she loves.

Gracie got Shopkins Headbanz game!
Presley got a Marvel Headbanz games which apparently he already has.  Whoops!

Then it was time to take some pics with Santa as families.
Here is the Weiss clan.

Jacob and Luke.

Paxton, Santa's grandson.

Jake and Cayden.  Kyle fell asleep.

Cullen and Mason.

These boys were all about playing Mason's new baseball game.

And last but not least, the Held crew, Jackie, Olivia, Charlie, and Drew.

All of our Wesmere friends.  These kids have known each other their whole lives!

And you know we had to get a funny face in there too.

Me and my awesome girls who I get to work with everyday!

Linda came this year too!

Me and Santa again!

And the boys that came this year, Mike and Jason.

The girls had fun playing the Headbanz game.

Another great get together!  

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