Friday, December 30, 2016

Mother/Daughter Campout!

This past fall I loaded up my girls and headed to a leader/daughter campout! It was our first time going and it was at Camp Pokanoka! That is the camp we always went too when I was young in scouts! Holly and her girls also joined us so we loaded up the van and we were off.
We originally said we were going to stay in Hickory.  This is where we always camped when I was younger.  Many memories of this place.

But then we decided that we were going to stay in Oriole  because that's where everyone else we knew who was there was going to be.
The girls got busy playing cards.

And we made swaps to pass out too.  Here are ours.
The girls had fun climbing on the mats.

Holly and Aunt Deb!  She is the mastermind behind this fun event!

We explored the camp as I haven't been there in years!  It was so nostalgic! 

This is the Whipporwhil cabin.

These are the sinks I remember where we brushed our teeth and the horrible egg water.

The tents are a little different now. They are called tabins because they are part tent, part cabin.

This is Oriole, where we stayed, and the main center cabin of the camp.

The girls all passed out swaps and got some in return.  We pinned them on to these bags.

Then we had dinner.

This girl was digging on the salad with ranch dressing.

Being silly.

After dinner, it was puzzle time.
We finally completed the cupcake puzzle!

Then it was time for mother/daughter games.

We had a newspaper fashion show.  The girls had to design an outfit for the moms out of newspaper.
oh, and tape!

Here we are all decked out.

So much fun!  

On my honor....

The next day, we were going to go hiking. 

This was a new mural so we too some pics with it.

Of course everyone had to find the perfect walking stick.

We went and found Flicker, which is the area I stayed at for camp.

It has changed so much.
Then we went on the obstacle course. 

Then it was my goal to find the clay pits.

We walked a little ways and found this, which I don't think was the clay pits but just a pile of dirt.

The girls thought it was so we let them play anyways.

But then we backtracked and realized that we passed it!  These are the clay pits but not like the ones I remember. I remember them being huge but they didn't look huge to me.

Gracie made a clay panda.

Best buds!

This is the sign I remember though.

It really was a fun time and I know we will have to go again next year!
Oh, and I do remember passing the Mueller funeral home on the way there.  It's still there!

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