Friday, December 30, 2016

First Day of School!

This year was a big year for school! We started in August and Gracie was starting 4th grade and Evie and Presley were starting 1st grade! All kids in school all day! No more daycare!
Chuck took them to meet their teachers (even though they already knew them) the day before the first day.  The kids found their desks.

Evie and Presley are going to be in Mrs. Traina's class!
Gracie is upstairs this year! At our school 4th and 5th grades are upstairs.  It's like a new world up there! She found her desk too!

Her friend Meryn is in her class too!

So the next day was the first day of school!
Here is Evie, my beautiful 1st grader!
Gracie, my big 4th grader!

Showing off their new backpacks!

Presley had a rough morning as he just couldn't get his hair just right.

All my kiddos ready with their signs.
And another backpack pic!

Showing off what grade they were heading into!

Auntie Amy came over to wish them well.

So did Grandma and Grandpa!

And Mommy and Daddy ready to rock and roll!

In case you forgot, the kids come to school where I teach.  We don't live in the Wesmere subdivision but we do live in the school district so they are able to come with me.

Gracie and Jackie are back in the same class!  They were separated last year and it was tough.
Gracie is in Mrs. Jenning's class this year!

Evie and Presley again with Mrs. Traina.

And then pointing to their smart cookies.

Holly and I always take a pic with the girls every year on the first day!

The Weiss and Held clan ready for school!

And a little selfie before the bell rang.

And one picture of the awesome staff that I work with!

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