Friday, December 30, 2016

Cubs Win the World Series!

This was an exciting season of baseball in our family. See the Cubs made it to the World Series. We watched the games in our garage with the Cubs shrine going on. Chuck was pretty excited.  The Cubs were down 3-1 and came back to win the series!  That hasn't happened since 1908!  We had some friends come over to watch the game. 

Presley was pretty into it, afterall it is a piece of history!

They were down in the game and Chuck was getting worried. You see, everytime he worked and couldn't watch the game, they won!  Whenever he was home and watched the game, they lost.  I was giving him grief.

He let the kids paint him up for the big game.  For this was the game that whoever won, would win the series.

Well needless to say, the Cubbies came through and pulled it off!

The neighbors came over and it was a party!  Fireworks were going off, yelling and screaming, pure chaos!

This guy was pretty happy, I think he cried!

It was pretty exciting!  Way to go Cubbies!  Let's do it again in 2017!
And these are some pics of games prior to the world series games that we got pics of.

But this was THE game and Chuck let the kids paint him for the occasion.  Doug helped too.

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