Friday, December 30, 2016

St. Louis-Baseball Hall of Fame!

Over Labor Day weekend, we did a short family vacation to St. Louis. That is where Chuck's family lives and so we had lots of fun things planned. Our main reason for going was the baseball hall of fame was going to be there so we packed up for a long weekend on the road.
We saw the arch as we were heading to downtown.

We parked by Bush Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play.  It is a really nice stadium.

The hall of fame was cool.  They had different trailers with different things in each one.  You could travel between them and check everything out. 
Here is Jackie Robinson's hat.

We got to try this virtual reality glasses and it takes you to a baseball field and makes you feel like you are part of the game.

Here's Bub posing next to Jake!

We also watched an Imax movie about it too.  Pretty cool.

Then we found the coolest thing....Harry Carey's glasses!

We also saw Babe Ruth's bat!

Then the kids got to make their own baseball card.

Babe Ruth's final homerun ball.

These two thought it was pretty cool.

And Uncle Chad and Papa came too.

What a cool way to start our trip!

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