Friday, December 30, 2016

Evie gets her ears pierced!

One of Evie's birthday wishes was to get her ears pierced. Gracie got hers pierced when she was 7 too. So after her party, we headed to the mall.  She was super excited and picked out some cute glittery pink heart earrings.  They gave her a stuffed animal to hold as they got ready.
Then things got a little hairy.  Evie sort of freaked out.  She would not let them do it.  She kept turning her head and looking the other way and not sitting still.  She was crying and it was not going well.  I asked them if we could eat and come back but they told me no since the piercing gun was already loaded.  So she sat on my lap and Grandma held her hands down and they pierced those ears!

And they turned out beautiful.  She got to pick out some earrings and go eat Panda Express. 

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