Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Kids on the Block!

The highlight of my summer was this....
New Kids on the Block concert!
I love these guys and have ever since I was a young little thing.  They reunited a few years back and tour about every other year.  It's so fun and they put on a great show.  When they come to town, I never miss.
They toured with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul.  It was so, so good!

My pics appear to be out of order but apparently after the show, I did not want to wait in the girls line to use the bathrooms so we went in the mens room.

One of the greatest things happened at this concert....I touched not one, but TWO New Kids! 
Yep, I touched Jordan and Jon!  Jordan is my favorite and I love him!  Look at him!

Donnie was right there too.  Patti got to hold his hand!

I mean, he was right there!  This is not a zoomed in pic!  Yum!
We did take a limo of course and had a grand old time!

Here is the group that went with us!

We laugh at this one because Patti told the dude to frisk her as she walked in. 

This was truly one of the best nights ever!

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