Sunday, August 6, 2017

Michigan Vacation-Day 6-Little Dutch Village and Holland!

This day of our trip took us to Holland Michigan and Little Dutch Village.  It's so cute.

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

All the workers dress like Dutch people including wearing wooden shoes.

It's the cutest little place.

They even had a giant wooden shoe that you can play in.

Grandpa even went down the slide.

They had a little ferris wheel there and the kids loved it!

Gracie and Presley rode together.

I rode with Evie.

The kids found these little bike scooter things to ride.

Then we tried on some wooden shoes.

Next, we found the swings.

Then we went and watched a traditional Dutch dance.

Then they taught the kids how to do it too.

They got stickers for participating.

After that, we went to the petting zoo. They had llamas.  I love llamas!  I took a lot of pics trying to get the perfect one.

The kids were busy feeding the sheep and goats and I was still taking llama pics.

After that, the kids had to go on the swings again.

And then the merry-go-round.

Then we went in a Dutch house.  Their houses were connected to their barns.

Then we went on the ferris wheel again.  This time I rode with Gracie.

Look how high we were!

Then the kids found these cars that they have to power themselves.

Then we tried this game where you have to walk in wooden shoes.

We went in a little museum.

And went into the school.  We learned how to say some words in Dutch.

We also found the shop where they make the wooden shoes.

We sat in a big Dutch shoe.

And went in the shop and saw all kinds of handpainted ones!

Throughout the day, the kids had a scavenger hunt to complete. They completed it and got some salt water taffy as a prize!

After the Dutch village, we went to downtown Holland and walked around the shops.  This lady showed us how she makes towels and blankets using the loom.

The kids even got to help.

And here are a few more random pics from our day in Holland.

And we wrapped up the day by doing a little mini golf.

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