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Michigan Vacation-Day 1- Henry Ford Museum and Marvin's Mechanical Museum!

*These posts are going to be long because I took a lot of pictures on our Michigan trip.
Michigan, more like day 1 and day2.  Day 1 was driving there and eating at Big Boy.  Day 2 was in Dearborn touring the Henry Ford Museum and Marvin's Mechanical Museum.
The first batch of pictures on these posts are from my phone.  The long batch are from my camera.  So I'll recap sort of twice.
Here we are at the Henry Ford Museum looking at the airplanes.
But once we found our hotel after leaving home, we discovered that Michigan is full of Big Boy restaurants.  We used to go to one all the time by my grandma's house in Wisconsin.  It was the best hamburger I ever had.  So of course we had to go to one.  It looked a little sketchy and there weren't many people there but guess what?  It was delicious!

The next day we went to the Henry Ford Museum.  It's across the street from the Ford Motor Company.  This place is huge! 

Of course we had to each make a mold-a-rama!

Henry Ford invented the model-T so the museum is full of cars and other kinds of transportation. They even had this cute area where kids can pretend to fix cars.

Since the museum is full of transportation things, it was huge!

Everyone got to make one mold-a-rama.  Presley made the weinermobile.  Evie made Rosa Parks bus, and Gracie made Abraham Lincoln.  

One of the super cool things we saw was the bus that Rosa Parks rode in.
The kids even sat in the seat that she refused to give up!  Pretty cool!

Here is Henry Ford.

Attached to the museum is this little old time village that is HUGE!  We rode the train to see all the sights because we knew we wouldn't be able to do it in the one day we were there.

This place was really neat because there were buildings brought in focusing on Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.  Here is the lab where Edison worked on making the first lightbulb!

There were tons of houses to walk in and tour and you could even pay some money to be driven around the town in a model-T!

They even had an old time baseball game going on.  So we stopped to watch.

Presley was pretty into it.  From the uniforms, to the wooden bats, to the ball they used, it was so cool.

We found out that there is a league in the area and guys play the game for fun on weekends.

We saw this cool old windmill.

And we took lots of family pics.

Of course they also had a fun park to play on and the kids scaled this rock climbing wall!

We also found the roundhouse where there were all kinds of trains.

After a day of fun, we ate at this Ford's Garage restaurant. So cool and so yummy!

We even had them sing "happy birthday" to Gracie.

And after that, we found this hole-in-the-wall place called Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

It's like Chuck E. Cheese on crack!  It's full of video games of all kinds both old and new.  I saw a Wizard of Oz pinball machine!

They even had a few rides in there.

Some of the old things were really neat including this puppet show.

And the King Cobra.

And this lucky girl won 1,000 tickets on the game!

She hit the jackpot, that's for sure but she was such a great sister and shared her tickets with her brother and sister.

And now let's recap again because here are the pics from my camera.
I took some pics while eating at Big Boy because we were just so excited to be eating at one again.


Going back to Henry Ford, we entered near the trains so checked those out first.
They even had a cool model train set laid out.

I'm not kidding...HUGE!

The kids had fun pretending to be mechanics and fixing cars.

I love my VW's!

They had some cool interactive things too!

One of the cooler things I thought was that they had a gallery where they had limos from different presidents.  This the limo Kennedy was riding in when he was shot.

They had an area with airplanes as well.

Then they had a place where the kids  make their own paper airplanes.

And then a testing area where you can test how far yours can fly!

We checked out an area of machines too.

Then they had a little decade area with memoriblia.

Bub thought this car was pretty cool.

And near the weinermobile, you can make yourself into a hot dog. 

And there it is!

They also had a random little area with dollhouses and furniture.

Going back to the mold-a-rama.

This was neat thought because this is THE bus that Rosa Parks rode on!

This is the seat she refused to give up! And we sat in it!

And then we had to make ourselves hot dogs again! 

More of the presidential limos.
So after some lunch, we headed next door to this old town but not after stopping at Henry Ford's statue.

We rode the train around the grounds first to check it out.  You could see the Ford Plant across the street.  They do factory tours too but that will have to be next time!

We saw the old baseball game going on. The players took off their hands and waved them at us as we rode by.

Here is the train we rode.

So we were off to check out the village.

This was Henry Ford's house.

And his garage where we invented the model-T!

This village was so cool and just bustling with people!

There was a hat shop with ladies making hats.

On the lawn, they had some games going.  The kids tried this airplane/helicopter thing.

The place was also tied to Thomas Edison.  We saw some of his factories.

The tour guide explained that this is where Thomas Edison made the lightbulb light. 

This is the chair he sat in when the president came to see.  No one has sat in it since.

After walking around a little bit, we found the baseball game and sat down to watch.

While we were doing that, Gracie got to make a corn husk doll!

They had tons of buildings and houses here that we couldn't possibly even see them all!

We found a park and played on that.  The kids had fun on the rock climbing wall.

The roundhouse was pretty cool too!

They still use it to fix trains and drive them around the town!

We went and ate at the Ford Restaurant.

And then we went to Marvin's.  The really cool game place!

Evie so proud of her winnings!

Day 1 was fun!

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