Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Phillips Park!

There is a zoo nearby called Phillips Park. It's a free zoo and even has a huge playground.  We went one afternoon after VBS.  The kids have been here before and liked it.
I like their reptile house.  There are lots of turtles.

And they have 2 alligators in there!

And what reptile house isn't complete without giant snakes?

Or huge iguanas?

We watched this dude walk around outside for a bit getting his exercise.

Presley thought he was pretty cool.

Then we went to play at the park.

We also checked out the cannons.

And the waterfall.
Then the kids were getting goofy and wanting me to take silly pictures of them.

And then we discovered that their is a golf course there too.  So we hit the driving range.

Presley thinks he is a pro golfer now ever since Daddy bought him his own clubs.  He did really good too.

Then we also discovered that they have a kids link. It has 3 holes but it's like real golf!  
Evie got frustrated because it was harder than she thought.  Gracie and Presley liked it though.

Presley even made par on one hole and Daddy was pretty impressed.

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