Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baseball on the Philles!

Presley loves baseball. He's already done t-ball and has been on two other baseball teams.  This past spring, he became a player on the Phillies! 
It was Mustang so the coaches pitched the first half of the season and the kids pitched the other half.  He loves it and his team worked very hard.
Here is my boy pitching!  He is good too!
In fact, it didn't take long for him to get the game ball!

Here are the boys on his team.  It was awesome to watch them grow throughout the season!

This was him at his first Phillies game of the season. 

Of course Grandma and Grandpa come to cheer him on at all his games!  Grandpa even helps out and Daddy helped coach again.

This time around he was #22!

Here he is up to bat.

And he made it to base!

He really takes the game of baseball seriously. He practices hard, tries his best, has a good attitude, cheers on his teammates, and is always focused hard on the game.  
Coach Tom tried to move the kids around so they got to try different positions.  Mainly Presley was either pitcher, which he could only pitch for two innings, or first baseman just like his idol, Anthony Rizzo.  Sometime though he got to be catcher and he liked that too.

For his last championship game against the White Sox, his buddy Jackson came and even made a poster to cheer on his friend!  How sweet!
And of course he was the first baseman.

Although they didn't win, they came in second!  During the game when Presley was pitching, the coach on the other team was like "Is this the kid that throws strikes?"  I was like "Yep, that's my boy!"

So for their last game, they got trophies!  Nice ones too!  They even have a little plaque with 2nd place and the year on it!

So proud of my baseball boy!  This was his best season yet!

I know Grandpa is very proud of him too!

Like I said, his team really improved and did a great job!

Daddy enjoyed helping.

But I know I am his biggest fan!

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