Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Evie Bridges to Brownies!

Girl Scouts is such a great thing and I am lucky enough to be leaders for both of my girls' troops!  This spring Evie's Daisy troop bridged to the next level of Brownies! 
Since my Daisy troop was little, only 8 girls, we combined with another Daisy troop bridging as well as a Brownie troop bridging to Juniors!
We had it set up so cute.  We had the oven for the Daisies who were becoming Brownies and we had the bridge for the girls moving to Juniors.
I had some girls from my Junior troop, all siblings of my Daisies, come and do a skit about baking brownies before the girls became them.  It was darling!

Here are my girls as Brownies!  We bought them their vests too!

We had planted little daisies at one of our meetings as a parting gift.

So proud of my little Brownie!

We sang some songs about becoming Brownies.

I had a little table set up with a box of Brownie mix, their daisies, their certificates and patches, and a daisy scrapbook that they made.

I even framed a little picture of them where they are laying like Daisies!

And of course we baked brownies to serve after the ceremony.

My pictures got a little out of order but here are my Junior girls practicing.
One last picture as Daisies.
From left to right: Gyzelle, Kara, Charlotte, Sophia, Emersyn, Piper, Evie, and Mia

We did a full ceremony complete with flags.

I put together a little slide show of all of our troops to show how awesome scouting is! 
All of the new Brownies lined up ready to sing!

Here is Evie being baked into a Brownie!

My troop!  I love this troop!

So proud of all these girls!  Can't wait for Brownies!

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