Saturday, August 5, 2017

Michigan Vacation-Day 2-Frankenmuth!

Day 2 of our trip to Michigan, we traveled to Frankenmuth!  We stopped at the largest Christmas store ever (pics later) and toured the town looking for gnomes. 
It's a cute little town.  Very touristy.
A lot of the stores have gnomes hidden in them so you had to walk around to find them.

Of course while we were gnome hunting, we also stopped to see some things like taffy being made.

This gnome was in the fridge!

Lots of cute little German buildings.

We saw some polka memorabilia.
There were beautiful flowers everywhere!

We stopped and got coffee here.

One of the little cute hotels there.

We watched them make fudge too.

And of course we sampled it.

So we completed our gnome hunt and got a prize!

We stayed at the cutest hotel ever.  The Bavarian Inn.  They had 2 pools and 2 waterslides that partly went outside and then back inside.  One was a tube slide and the other was a body slide. Presley was the first one who wanted to go on the tube slide with me.  You could either ride double or single.  He rode with me and LOVED it!  I could not get this kid, or any of my kids off the water slides.

After some slides and swimming in one pool, we walked to the other side of the hotel where there was another pool!

After that, we ate some pizza and the kids had fun hula hooping.

The hotel also had mini golf inside it!  So of course we had to play!

Then we played a few games since they had a huge arcade too!

But to backtrack, on our way to our hotel, we stopped at the world's largest Christmas store!  Bronners was something I was looking forward too!

The outside is completely decorated for Christmas.  I mean like everywhere.  At night, they turn on the lights and you can drive around it.

There were so many cool things to see before we even walked in the store!

Here's what we saw when we first came in!  Holy Christmas!

This store was the size of 2 football fields I think they said.  Lots of décor, ornaments, stockings, trees, you name it!  There's even a concession area where you can eat some Christmas cookies!

These are from my phone so here are a few extra pics of the town and slides.

This was the Inn we stayed in.  So cute!

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