Thursday, August 3, 2017

Morton Arboretum!

One place we like to go every summer is the Morton Arboretum!  It's so pretty there and they have a children's garden that my kids LOVE!  Another thing they have every year is some sort of exhibit.  One year it was Legos, last year it was frogs.  This year it was origami.
So like in years past, we take a pic as we find them.

We saw a few before we headed to the children's garden to play.

My kids love walking in this little pond looking for tadpoles.

Grandpa even walked through it too but he didn't take off his shoes.

My kids also love wading around this little stream.

The little ones worked hared making a dam.

Once they thought they had it figured out, it was time to walk some bridges.

We also climbed some nets.

We went up in the tree house too and went across more bridges.

They also has some little activities set up for kids to do.  So my kids wanted to stop and paint a picture of flowers.

We also found the park to play on.

We always have such a good time here.

Look at Grandpa being silly and climbing up on the acorn!

After the children's garden, we went looking for more origami pieces.

We had to take our pics sitting on all the different horses.

Poor Evie was getting tired so Grandpa gave her a piggy back ride.

It was such a beautiful day!  We probably won't get back here until Christmas time again! 

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