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Michigan Vacation-Day 4-Forts, Lighthouses, and Lumberjack Shows!

On Day 4 of our vacation, we spent the day in Mackinaw City.  First we went to this fort.  It was called Colonial Michilimakinac. 

It was right along Lake Huron next to the Mackinaw Bridge.

It was a cool place with all kinds of workers playing their part. We ran into a guy in a teepee making something.

Then we got to inside the actual fort.

It was so neat.  Look how tall it was!

Inside the fort was the actual little village with people inside.
They had activities going on constantly.  When we got there, it was time to play games that kids probably played back in the day.  The first one was trying to get the wheel going by hitting it with a stick.

We saw them digging for artifacts.

Then they played tug-of-war.

They did an adult version too so Amy and Grandpa got in on the action.

They also played a version of baseball.

You got to go inside all the buildings.  We saw some guns that were used.

Places of where they lived.

This was the church.

We saw a blacksmith making some nails.

We toured some more houses.

We watched them shoot a cannon too!

Then we went to explore the fort a little bit more.

We watched a girl chop wood.

We saw the bunk house where the guards would sleep on one big bed.

We also watched a lady cooking a meal like how they did back in the day. We even got to taste it!

We walked around the perimeter of the fort and checked out the cannons.

We saw some army guys marching around.


After the fort, we headed to the lighthouse.  But first we had to walk along the beach.


Here is the lighthouse.

Amy and I didn't get to go up into the lighthouse because we were wearing flip flops but the kids and Grandpa went up there.
Here is where my pics get a little out of order because my computer messed up my pictures.

So after the lighthouse tour, we went and saw a lumberjack show.
We watched two lumberjacks do all kinds of different things.  It was pretty cool. Actually both of these dudes are going to compete in the national lumberjack contest later this year.
This is the end of the show and we got to get their autographs.

 After the show, we went and toured a boat called the Icebreaker.  It's a big ship that was built to break through the ice on the Great Lakes.  It isn't used anymore but it was cool to tour it and see what it did.  Since the Great Lakes are in the northern part of our country, the winters can be harsh and the lakes always freeze.  This helped blaze the paths for boats and it helped rescue them too.

It had all kinds of levels. We got to do a self-guided tour of it.

 The stairs were pretty steep.

We went down to the room that houses the engines for the ship.  Wow!

This is where the crew would eat their meals.

And here's the kitchen where the food was prepared.  It was set up sort of like cafeteria style.

The kids had fun trying on gear  that the crew would have worn.

I guess this was the emergency room?

 Here is one of the offices on the boat.

Of course their was a lifeboat on board.

This was part of the captain's quarters.

Here's where they drove the boat.


We got to walk on the deck too.

Here is a picture of the boat that we went on, the ICebreaker.

And now my pics went back to the lumberjack show.  Gracie wanted to participate in the "timber" contest.

Each kid had to yell "Timber" as long and loud as they could.  She did awesome!

At the end of the show we got their autographs.

This is Chris.

Oops, back to the boat.

And this was after all the fun.  We ate dinner at Dixie's Saloon I think it was called.  Well it's custom to sign the wall before you leave. So the waitress just happened to have a Sharpie on hand for us to do that. 

This is a picture of the waterpark at the hotel we stayed at in Mackinaw City.

And here are some more pictures of the Icebreaker.

This is back at the lighthouse. 
While at the lighthouse, we toured a little Shipwreck Museum.

They had models of some of the boats that sank in the Great Lakes and that are still there today.

Here we are at the Lumberjack show again. 

Here we are being introduced to the lumberjacks.  Their names were Chris and Kyle.

We watched them chop wood.

And throw their ax at the stump.

They chopped more wood.

And had to saw through logs.

The lumberjack gave Gracie this piece of wood. She was beyond excited!

We watched them climb trees to chop wood.

Here is one of the lumberjacks trying to carve a bunny using his ax.
They climbed these poles too.

The kids thought this was pretty cool.

In fact, Presley says he wants to be a lumberjack now!

At the end, we got to watch them run across logs.

And what lumberjack show would be complete without log rolling?

Here is Gracie back up front entering the "timber" contest.

Gracie got a free Frisbee for doing the contest so she had the guys sign it. The other too got to find a piece of wood to have them sign.

These are more pictures of the ICebreaker again.

Some of these pics might be repeats but here is the bathroom.

Here is where the crew slept.


These engines are the same ones as trains.  The only difference is that this boat has 4 of them!

This is the first aid room.

How they build ships blows my mind.  Look at the wires that run everywhere.


Amy is pretending to be Rose from Titanic!


And after that fun day, we ended up back in the waterpark at the hotel.

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