Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gracie's 10th Birthday!

July 1st is my Gracie Girl's birthday!  This year she turned 10!  I can't believe it!  So for her birthday, she wanted to go to dinner at one of her favorite places...Steak and Shake! She ordered her usual grilled cheese.
And got her mint chocolate chip shake!

After that, we headed home for presents.

I let Evie and Presley each pick out something for her. Presley picked out this horse movie.

Evie got her Mal's new spellbook.

I made her her yearly book.

She loves looking at these.

And of course she got what she has always been wanting....

a hoverboard!

Soon we had it outside and even Evie was trying it out.

But Gracie was already a pro.  Her friend Meryn has one and she rides it at her house.

Grandma, Grandpa and Amy also brought some presents over.

Gracie got these food pillows that she can sew herself.

Amy also got her some Shopkins.
Since her birthday was on a Saturday, we had her party that day at our pool.  The theme was ice cream.  For favors, we got these cute little bags with ice cream cups and spoons in them.

Amy made these awesome yummy cookies too.

Here are Gracie and her friends that came to the party.
Evy, Meryn, Kate, Ellie, Jackie, and Talia.

Piper came to swim with Evie.

The girls always have such a great time swimming. We've had her party here for the last couple of years. 

They had fun trying Addie's mermaid tail.

Even Drew was having a good time.

Presley had fun swimming with Blake too.

The girls pretty much had the waterslides to themselves.

We ordered some pizzas to eat.

The boys were busy swimming.

Amy and Jen worked on their tans.

Gracie really does have a great group of friends!

After all that swimming, it was time for making ice cream sundaes.  Yum!

That is always a big hit!

We put candles on Gracie's ice cream sundae and sang to her.

Everyone had a swimmingly good time!  Happy 10th birthday Gracie!

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