Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mueller 4th of July Party!

Every year my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen put on the annual Mueller 4th of July party!  They go all out!  They have a huge yard and the whole family comes.
There is so much food to eat!

Every year they have some sort of surprise.  Last year it was the reptile guy.  One year it was the video game truck.  This year they had the Little People come.  

They danced around and the kids thought it was funny.

They even got the crowd dancing.

My kids even took a pic with them!

Here is the annual cousins picture in front of the playhouse that we used to play in for hours when we were little.

We even saw Taylor Loutner!  Just kidding, it is my cousin's stepson but he totally looked like him! Ha!

Someone put these cupcake toppers on some cupcakes.

There were a few different bouncy houses there.  The big obstacle one was huge hit!

So were the big slides.

We have the annual shuffleboard tournament too!

And their basement is another fun part.  The boys had fun playing pool.

Dad even enjoyed sitting in the old barber chair.

Gracie had fun playing pinball.

Chuck and I entered the shuffleboard tournament and made it the second round.

The kids were nonstop on the bouncies.

And then back to the pool.  I think they changed their clothes like 5 times.

And they loved the slide!

It really is so much fun and we look forward to going every year.

I know the girls love it too!

Once it's dark, they put on a firework show!

It's long too.  And it's really good.  Better than any town in my opinion. 

And after fireworks, it's always time for sparklers.

So fun!  Thanks Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry!  This is always one of our favorite summer things!

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