Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lego Land!

This past winter, our neared LEGOLAND was having a special where scouts get in for $5 if they showed up in uniform.  We had never been to the one by us.  It is an hour away.  But the outside was cute.
When you come in, it's the city of Chicago.  Pretty cool all made of legos. 
It kept switching from night to day.

We stopped to take a pic with our old President Obama.

Then we moved into the next room where we saw Indiana Jones and all kinds of animals.

We saw them working on the Cubs World Series trophy!

Grandma and Grandpa were with us too.  We saw this Lego guy.

And R2D2.

And some other cool Star Wars stuff.

Including Darth Vader.

The kids had fun and we even rode a Lego ride.

We saw Batman!

And Santa Claus!

And Wild Style. 

We played with Legos while we waited to watch a 4D movie.

Presley had fun building cars out of Legos and then testing them on this road.

We also some characters from Harry Potter!

It was a fun time!

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