Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More Spring Fun!

Going through my pictures, I found lots of other random events that I wanted to document.  For one this girl here finally wore a New Kids on the Block nightgown that a friend had given me.  And guess what?  She wears it all the time!
These were from after the daddy daughter dance.  The girls went for ice cream with Daddy.  I'm not sure why they didn't end up on my post about the dance.

The little girls had a sleepover.  That meant that Piper and Fiona got to sleep over.  First they had some yummy mac and cheese.

And what sleepover is complete without dressup?
We like to go out to eat at Cracker Barrel sometimes.  While we are waiting for our food, my kids love to play checkers.  Presley is playing with Grandpa. here.

Valentine's Day rolled around and the kids all each got a little something with their lovebugs.

We had a little dance at school so I got to sneak some pics of my kids having fun too!
Here is Evie with her friend Bella.

And Presley with his friends.
Presley's BFF Jackson wrote him this Valentine letter at school.  Too cute!

I caught Presley dreaming of another World Series win with his Rizzo doll tucked under his arm, his Cubbies quilt made by Grandma on, and resting on his Cubbies pillowcase.

Going back to the dance, here is Presley with his  buddy Ethan.

The girls and I also got out one night to go see the second installment of 50 shades! 

Evie lost her front tooth.

It finally started warming up so we went to the park.

And stopped to take a pic at the entrance to our neighborhood.

Presley also received some more awards from Boy Scouts!

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