Sunday, August 6, 2017

Michigan Vacation-Day 5-Submarine Tour and Muskegon Beach!

Day 5 of our vacation took us to Muskegon.  We traveled down Lake Michigan to Muskegon.  Beautiful.
We took a tour of this submarine from World War II.

It was crazy to be climbing down under the water.

Here is where some of the crew slept.  Right underneath some missiles. Yikes.

So many gears and levers all buttons. 

Their bathroom.

It was a narrow walk through it but it was pretty big.

Here is where they ate.

More bunks for sleeping.

The little kitchen.

More bunks.

Dad really enjoyed it.

So what's interesting about this is that most of the missions that this sub had is classified.  It must have done some really important stuff.

Right next to the sub, there was a coast guard boat that you could go on too.

After touring the boats, we went and looking in the museum.  So much interesting things in here but unfortunately it was getting ready to close so we couldn't see too much of it.


The kids still had fun though.

We even looked through a periscope and could see our car in the parking  lot.

They even had a submarine park to play on.

After that, we drove to the beach.

The kids wanted to swim so why not? 

They enjoyed playing in the waves.

Presley enjoyed playing the sand and making sand castles.

Here are some more pics.  My computer got all my pics out of order again.




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