Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Easter!

We had quite the Easter this year. For one, our church always puts on a fun Easter activity complete with egg hunt.  The kids first got to decorate eggs.
Then they got their faces painted.

Then it was time to sit and listen to the Easter story. 

And pray too.

Then we got to go outside for the egg hunt.

The Sartain family joined us too.  It was a fun time!

Then it was time to color eggs.

And the night before Easter, we watched one of my favs "The Easter Bunny is Comin to Town."

And the bunny did not disappoint.  Their baskets were filled!

And we left the Easter Bunny some cards and notes.

The next day the kids woke up early and were eggcited to see what the Easter Bunny left them.  For one, they all got new scooters!

Presley loved his Peter Pan doll.

Evie got Moana!

Bub got a book called "The Little League from the Black Lagoon."

Gracie was pretty happy with her Shopkins.

Bub got a Cubs coloring book!

I was trying to get Gracie hooked on the Babysitter's Club series.

Evie got a kit to make her own hair bands.

She also loved her new dress.

And a new Cubbies shirt.

Gracie got a new dress too!

And a Shopkins shirt!

And they all got a shirt that they color and decorate themselves!

After that it was time for the egg hunt because the bunny his eggs all over the house.

Millie watched while laying on the kitchen table.

They managed to collect a lot of eggs.

So then we got to check out what was in them!

After that, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house since we heard the Easter Bunny had also been at their house! 
Sure enough, their yard was covered in eggs!

The Easter Bunny is smart though.  Each kid has their own color eggs.  Gracie's are green, Evie's are yellow, and Presley's are blue.

They made another haul of eggs here!

And then there were more eggs to check out!

Then it was time for some pictures.

And of course more baskets!

After that, we went outside and tried out our new scooters.

It was a happy Easter!

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