Wednesday, August 2, 2017


This summer Daddy got into fishing a lot.  So one day we all went and the kids got to try.  They have fished maybe once or twice before but they all own fishing poles so they were pretty excited!
Evie caught the first fish.
The kids weren't too sure about touching it.

Presley really got into it and he caught a bunch!

Here are the girls touching the fish. Ew!
You could see the fish swimming around the hook thinking about biting into those juicy worms.

Gracie caught some fish too!

Then Presley wanted me to make sure I start taking pictures of every fish he caught.

Daddy didn't get much fishing in though because he had to keep taking fish off the lines and putting worms back on.  Mommy was not about to do any of that.

The kids had fun although Presley is the only one who wants to go back again.

It was a fun afternoon!

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