Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

Double Digits

Happy birthday Gracie Girl

It’s hard to believe that you are 10 today.

The years have gone so quickly.

It seems like only yesterday, you were my little baby on the way.


10 years ago you came into this world.

10 years ago you stole my heart.

10 years ago you it was love at first sight.

10 years ago was just the start.


Although you weren’t the easiest baby

You were still a beautiful girl.

You had red hair.

And blue eyes that lit up the world.


You grew so quickly then

From baby, to toddler, to preschooler, to child

Now you are going into 5th grade

And that is just so wild.


You’ve done so many great and wonderful things

On your 1o years here

You’ve tried dance, tumbling, soccer,

Science classes, art classes, and even cheer


But there are some things that you still love to do

Like going on your 6th year of being in chess club

You know a lot about the game and have gotten very good

And you like to get in matches with Daddy and Bub


You are also very involved with Girl Scouts

You are now a Junior scout

You earn patches, sell cookies, and make crafts

And have fun because that’s what scouting is all about.


You are also in running club

And just ran your 3rd 5k!

You were even in a pacer challenge

Because you were in the top ten for 4th grade!


Your favorite subject is science

You just learned all about the 50 states

You take piano lessons after school

You think school is pretty great.


Your favorite color is still green.

You love lots of movies, it’s hard to pick one.

You love to bake and eat cookies and sweets.

But brushing your hair is something you don’t like having done.


You are obsessed with Shopkins

And have over 100 of them already

And one of my favorite times of day

Is reading with you at night before beddy


You have many friends

And treat everyone nice and kind

You love having sleepovers

And boys are the last thing yet still from your mind.


You still love animals

and your favorite is still the panda bear.

The zoo is still one of your favorite places

And whether you want to be an artist, scientist, or author-it’s up in the air


You are so smart

You continue to amaze me everyday

I can’t wait to see you to continue to grow

I just hope it goes more slowly if it may


You make me so happy

And I am so proud of you

I never want to miss a thing

And I cherish every memory with you too


So happy birthday my Gracie Girl

Enjoy being 10

Never change and always be you

And I will support and love you to end.


Love, Mommy










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