Saturday, December 30, 2017

Apple and Pumpkin Picking!

This year we talked about going apple picking again but didn't want to drive far. Well we discovered that literally 10 minutes from our house there is a place to go!  It's called Keller's!  So we went!

First we went apple picking.  It was a little pricy because everyone had to buy a bag in order to go to the orchard.  The kids had a ball though.  There were so many apple trees with all sorts of different kinds of apples. We filled up bags in no time.

We walked out of there with 5 bags of apples!

Daddy and the kids took them to the car so we could check out the rest of the joint.

They had cool things to do.

And a giant corn maze!  It was super hot this day but we went anyways.

In the middle of it is a balcony thing that you could climb and see out into the maze.

It took awhile but we found our way out.

They have play structures like Dollingers so we could play a little.

They even had this big tire obstacle course.

They had this big checkerboard that you use different colored pumpkins to play.

And they had a little barn with some animals to feed and pet.

They even had a field with horses that you could pet!

And they also had a growth chart as well.

They had huge pumpkins as well so each kid got to pick one to take home to carve.

And Gracie needed to pose by this structure because it reminded her of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

They sell food including cider donuts and homemade salsa!  I think we will be back again next year!

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