Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Eve!

So actually on Christmas Eve Eve, our elves left us gingerbread houses to make so that's what we did.

On Christmas Eve, Evie had some last minute wrapping to do.
Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner.  We had the usual chili, soup, and salad in our Christmas jammies.  It was perfect since Gracie was diagnosed with the flu that morning and I wasn't feeling well myself. 

But the kids were so excited to give everyone their presents that they bought at the holiday shop at school.

Everyone gave great gifts.  Bub gave everyone coffee mugs because he knows we all love coffee. Except for Chuck, he got a change jar.  Evie and Gracie gave out jewelry.  They both have the same taste because they both gave me the same ring. It's beautiful.  They gave each other nice gifts too.

Gracie even bought Evie this beautiful pink sequin fan.

Our annual Christmas selfie.

We went outside to spread our reindeer food. 

The kids got out the cookies and milk for Santa.

Our tree looks so beautiful.

They checked the radar to see where Santa was.

One last look at our gingerbread houses.

I always take a pic with the kids with their trees in their rooms too.

Soon they were asleep and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

And before I knew it, Santa had come!

He ate the cookies.

He left Gracie the Shopkins mall.
He left Presley some baseball Legos and a note to check the basement.

He left Evie a new Baby Alive and the vet checkup clinic for her dolls. 

He left Presley this air hockey table down in the basement.

Everything was perfect (except for the sickies)

I love my house at Christmas!  It's so pretty!

Bub left Santa a note to leave him a little gift under his blue Christmas tree in his room so he did.
And every year on Christmas Eve  I take a picture of them sleeping.

And look...Santa was here!


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