Saturday, December 30, 2017

Merry Christmas!

(this is a super long post)
We had another great Christmas here in Joliet! 
The kids were up by 7 to check to see if Santa came!
Gracie found her Shopkins mall!
Bub woke me up to tell me that Santa left a full-size air hockey table in the basement.

Mommy and Daddy also left this game table in the basement.  It's interchangeable and you can play pool, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, and shuffleboard.  So fun!

The kids had fun playing with their new things right away.

Evie got the doll vet clinic.  Plus a new baby alive doll.
Her and her hair like it very much!

Bub was pretty stoked to get some new baseball Legos.  He got some players from the National League and a Rizzo guy to build.

We had to dive into stockings too right away and Millie came over to check hers out.

She got some new treats so she was ready to taste test.

Then it was time for the kids to do their stockings.

Gracie was excited about her panda sleep mask. She wore it on her head all day and even slept with it that night.

They were through their stockings in no time.

Gracie also liked her new panda gloves.

Before we dug into the rest of the presents, we made a breakfast casserole.  Evie is always my helper in the kitchen so she helped crack all the eggs.

Then while it was cooking, we let the kids open up a present from us.

They each got a new laptop courtesy of District 202. My district was selling used laptops for $50.  They are nothing fancy but I wanted to get Gracie one anyways since she is heading to middle school next year. 

We had to login to them right away.

And only this girl would do Xtra math on Christmas Day! 

Daddy helped Presley login.

Not only were the kids excited about presents but so was Millie. 

Here was our Christmas card this year.

And finally after some breakfast, it was time to open the presents!

Gracie did get this mermaid tail blanket thing and she loves it!

This kid was all about the presents.  I have gotten smart over the years.  I buy each kid a themed wrapping paper and that way they know who's gift is who's.  Then I don't need to worry about labels and tags.

Bub was excited to get the new Lego Batman movie!

And this Groot game.  It's like Bop It but using Groot.

Evie got some new Wonder Woman jammies.

And she was really excited about her new nail salon thing.  It comes with those pens that you can draw designs on your nails with.

She even got the Decendants karaoke cd so she can sing along with her favorite songs.

Bub got some Guardians of the Galaxy Legos.  He is really into Legos lately and builds them all by himself.

Gracie got some Shopkins earrings and a necklace.

Bub got a Marvel Guess Who game.

The pile of paper continued to grow.

Evie got a ton of books.  She loves to read and she got all kinds.

Bub even got a new suitcase since his broke.  His suitcase was filled with books too.  I am trying to get him to read more so there were some Magic Treehouse books and some Minecraft Zombie chapter books in there.

He was excited about this book though. 

Grace finally got the Apples to Apples game she has been wanting!

And she got a Disney Shopkins set too.

Evie's new shirt!

Since Gracie is into gymnastics, she got this gymnastics game.

She also got a lava lamp since she has been wanting one for awhile now too.

Evie got some new doll clothes and Bub got a Nerf gun!

The girls got those sequin pillows.

Evie was pretty excited to also get some makeup.

And Gracie got some new shirts.

Presley had Daddy busy working on the new Nerf gun.

Evie got the Arendelle Lego set.

And the Mal doll she has been wanting.

Gracie got some more Grace Legos to go with the rest she already has.

Evie even got another Evie doll. She claims it's the one she wants! 

Gracie also got a new suitcase filled with all kinds of new American Girl books.

Soon they were done and there was paper everywhere!

The kids even gave Daddy Bullseye, (that we already own) because they said he loves it so much.

Daddy also got a Marvel Chess game. The kids are in chess club so this is perfect.

Millie came to check out the paper too.

Then there were also a few gifts that were for everybody.

They got a basketball hoop for the basement.  Now we will have an arcade down there.

Millie couldn't believe all the presents!

The kids had fun playing in the paper after.

After that, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house because we heard Santa was there too!

My parents house all decorated.

The stockings were hung here too.

The kids with their stockings.

At Grandma's house the stockings are so full that they empty over into bags.

Evie tried out Grandma's new neck pillow.

We ate breakfast again and then it was time for more presents.

They all got new headphones to go with their new computers.

Evie got a Barbie vet that you guessed it....she's been wanting!

Gracie got some more Lego Friends, this time the horse stable.

Bub got Legos too but Marvel.

They all got a new Uno game that Grandma and Grandpa have.

We gave our presents out too.  We always decorate new hankies for him. 

This one was Evie's creation.

We also gave him a puzzle of us to do at his house.

We also gave Grandpa the toilet trouble game since he is a plumber.

We gave Amy some canvases.

And her new calendar.

I made these for Amy too.

And this too.  It says "these are a few of my favorite things" and there are clothespins to hang pictures on.

Grandma got one too.

Along with some new canvases.

Chuck got a new Cubbies shirt.

And this Atari thing because he misses his from his youth.

Bub has been wanting Mousetrap game forever too.

He even got a Nerf crossbow.

Evie got a Sleeping Beauty apron to help Amy bake!

And more makeup!

And wow... baby alive twins!  They even poop!

Gracie got a gymnastics mat.

Then  we opened even more presents. 

Bub checked out his new monster trucks.

Grace got the Shopkins High school playset.
Chuck got a Cubbies oven mitt!

Evie got a Disney Monopoly game.

And more Legos!

Gracie got a new panda pillow.
Bub got a baseball monopoly

And Gracie got Disney Apples to Apples.

Chuck got a new Elvis shirt since my parents just went to Graceland.

Evie even got a sewing machine set for her dolls.
My mom also found Chuck this vintage Cubs pennant.

I got this new Precious Moment that's scouts.

And then my mom gave my sister and I something special.  First we got bowls made out of wood from trees that were in my grandma's yard.  

Then we got necklaces with a charm for each grandma with their names engraved with their handwriting. 

Such a special gift that  I will cherish forever.

After that we were finally done.

Time to play in the paper and take a nap!

Another great Christmas in the books! 

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