Thursday, December 28, 2017

Leader/Daughter Camping Weekend!

This was the second year that we went to Camp Pokanoka for the annual leader/daughter camping weekend!  It's always so fun.  This is the same camp that I went to as a little Girl Scout as well.  The names and signs haven't really changed.
This is Oriole, the main cabin.  It has a huge kitchen and a big room.  It's also the only cabin with a bathroom in it.  It always served as the mess hall for camp.  This is where we stayed.

It was such a perfect weekend.  We went with Jackie and Olivia and it was nice and warm out.

We went hiking right away. 

We even saw a deer!

This cabin is Hickory.  I have stayed here as well.

Some of our other friends were here as well.

The girls were excited to do this adventure course.

It has an area of tire swings to hang on and climb.

Then there is a balance beam area too.

We checked out the tabins too.

This is what they look like on the inside.

And of course, we had to find the clay pits.  Last year we passed them but this year we knew right where they were.

Found them!  Although they were pretty dry.

The girls had fun running around on them and trying to dig in them.  Although we brought our own water so we poured some in the clay so we could build some creations.

Gracie built a snowman that came back to camp with us.

We also found another campsite that still had the tents up so we had to go and check them out.

I remember sleeping in these when I went to camp years ago.  They are still the exact same.

Here is the inside of one.

We found another little trail that has the Girl Scout promise on it.

Like I said, the weather was perfect so it was nice to walk around camp.

We had all kinds of crafts to make and do too.  We got to paint rocks.

Here is the map of camp.  Exactly as it was 30 years ago.

The girls also got to decorate washers and turn them into necklaces.

We also took handkerchiefs and turned them into purses. Evie loved this project.

There were pictures to paint.

We made SWAPS and this was ours this year.

Once it got dark, we had a campfire and made Smores. 

The girls brought some games to pass the time and had fun.

Evie of course had to call Daddy.

Evie had fun with her friend Ashley.

Grace took a break and read a book.

Then it was back to making crafts.

Soon we pulled out our mattresses and sleeping bags and got ready for bed.

The next day before we left, we had to take all kinds of pics with all the leaders and their daughters.

Here's all the Wesmere Girl Scouts!

And all the Wesmere leaders!

And with the leaders and their kids.

Ashley and Kelly's last campout as they are moving to Colorado.

My girls and I with Aunt Deb.  She is Holly's aunt and is our service unit leader.

Me and my girls.

It really was a special weekend and I had fun with just the girls and I.

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