Friday, December 29, 2017

Morton Illumination Holiday Lights!

We had tickets a few weeks before Christmas to go to Morton Arboretum to see the holiday lights.  We went last year for the first time and it was so beautiful so we decided to go back again this year.  It was the perfect night, it wasn't too cold.  Not as cold as last year for sure. 

The kids got to hug a tree and it changed colors as they hugged it.
Then they got to sing carols into this pipe that made the lights in the tree move to the beat.

Grandma got the kids these cool necklaces that changed color as they walked around.

That night happened to be a super full moon too.

This was ornament hill. It changed colors. 

Grandpa and Presley snuggling up while the girls got hot chocolate.

The chandeliers are so pretty.

And we found the snowman to get a prize.

These lights were controlled by a wheel you could turn.
This was my absolute favorite part.  It is the breathing trees.  They have lights that make it look like the trees are breathing and then they change color. It's so pretty and I love it!

These played music and changed and bounced along wit the beat.

It was such a great night.


Such a fun thing to do every year!

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