Friday, December 29, 2017

Mueller Family Christmas!

One of my favorite things I look forward to every year is Mueller Family Christmas!  Every year, a different person is in charge of it since my dad's family is so big.  He has 13 brothers and sisters so every year someone else takes a turn.  This year it was my Uncle Ron and Aunt Carol's turn.  We had it down in Coal City where my aunt works. It was so cool. It's a truck place but it was huge.  They had a model of Walt's Hobby Shop set up. My uncle is still the owner of it.  They had lots of surprises in store for us.
My mom made these signs to hold up for pictures.
Chuck couldn't come of course because he was working.

Here's the model of the hobby shop.  It's a remake of the original one down in Joliet.

There was a giant bouncy obstacle course too!  The kids were in heaven!

All of my nearest and dearest family in one spot!  Love!

Then my uncle wanted to make an announcement.  He called up the originals. 

He gave them all a present.

Inside was a model train car with my Grandma and Grandpa's picture on one side and a picture of the family on the other side.

Seriously, such a surprise.  Each family got one.  Then he announced that each grandchild (my generation) got one. But it didn't stop there, also, each great grandchild got one too!  Wow!  I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. 

Seriously such a special and meaningful gift that will be treasured forever.  My grandpa was the man behind the original store and it means so much to all of us!

Then they recreated this picture that they had blown up.  It's my grandpa with my dad and aunts and uncles in front of the store window at Christmas.  We were trying to figure out which year it was.

After that, we had a special visitor...Santa Gil!  The kids lined up to see him.

Such a sweet picture of Evie with Santa!

All of us Mueller cousins with Santa Gil!

Then our family.

Then my Uncle Ron and Aunt Carol.

Here is the picture the model stems from.  From left to right, it's my Grandma Mueller, my dad, Aunt Judy, Uncle Mike, Uncle Jim, Aunt Peggy,  Uncle Ray, and Uncle Bob.

The kids all got coloring books and crayons from Santa so they colored while they waited for the bouncy to be inflated again.

Then there was even a gingerbread making station!  All kinds of houses just waiting to be decorated.

The kids were so excited and all the smell of sugar was in the air.

The girls were very careful about how they decorated their houses.

Presley too.  The candy cane in the mouth helped with concentration.

Then my cousin Bobby played Santa and passed out gifts.

Evie got the Evie doll she had been wanting!

Gracie got some Lego Friends.

And Bub got some Legos too!

They had a little station set up where we can remember all the people that left us too soon.

There were also games in store.  First the kids were up.  It's a big ball with seranwrap and they had to unwrap it until the person next to them rolled a double with dice. Then they had to pass it on.

It went around for a few times. I took some close ups of the model hobby shop.

And low and behold, the winner was Presley!  Inside was a little solar bobber elf.

Then it was back to jumping for the kids.

Next the adults played the same game but had to wear oven mitts.

After that, it was time for left, right, center.  Is this not the biggest game of LRC that you've ever seen?

We took a few more pictures before closing up the party.

And here is the special train car that everyone received.  So special. 

I think this was the most fun, most special, most meaningful Mueller Christmas yet!  Thank you Aunt Carol and Uncle Ron for such great memories!

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