Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sandwich Fair!

Every year we head to the Sandwich Fair! There is always so much to see and do and the kids look forward to going every year.  First we stopped to see the bunnies.
And then to take out pic.

Then we walked around some of the animal tents.

This lamb wanted to check Gracie out.

Then we went to the petting tent and got to pet all kind of animals.

Then we went to the poultry house.  We always told Bub how this place used to make him cry when he was younger.

Every year we also take our pic with the big tire.

We checked out the cows next.

Then we had to pretend to drive the machines.

Then we saw some random guy.

Then we went in the arts and crafts and tents.  We love looking at the baked goods.

We even saw a zebra.

And like every year, we also have to drive all kinds of tractors.

After that, we found the giant pumpkin.  
Then we rode a few rides.  The kids love the fun house.

And they all went down the giant slide too.

And Gracie also rode the roller coaster.

And on our way out, we stopped to check out the giant music box.

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